Predictive Maintenance

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Predictive Maintenance - Make the leap to condition-based maintenance

Language:     English

Duration:      35-45 Minutes      

Predictive Maintenance - Make the leap to condition-based maintenance


Maintenance is associated with high material and personnel costs. Small improvements can bring big savings.


In our webinar, we explain how you can use AI-supported systems to make your maintenance processes smarter. We will show you where you can start in your portfolio with minimal effort in order to reduce maintenance costs significantly:


  • Your added value through smart maintenance
  • Your entry into condition-based maintenance



  • Traditional maintenance 
  • What Predictive Maintenance is all about 
  • How the Predictive Maintenance architecture looks like
  • Where to start in terms of your existing installation 
  • The three steps that we can take together


Complement your machines and systems with our services and make the leap to condition-based maintenance!


We are looking forward to welcoming you to this webinar.


Sascha Fischer

Anja Adling

Head of Portfolio Management and Development for Analytics Services, based in Nuremberg, Germany. Combining backgrounds in business informatics, network technology, automotive industry and customer services  to deliver value to the customers in their digitization journey. Utilizing a standardized approach for fast, cost-efficient and yet individual solutions.

Matias Abenante

Matias Abenante

Business Developer at Customer Services for Factory Automation at Nuremberg, Germany

MBA and Electronics Engineer with experience in Industrial Automation. Currently responsible for the strategic growth in several regions with focus on Digital Services.

Since 13 years in Germany and previously Manager for Automation and Process Instrumentation at Siemens Argentina.


Patrick Hutzler

Patrick Hutzler


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