Webinar: Empower your protection team to tackle complex studies for the dynamic power grid

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Webinar Abstract

Are you faced with running more complex protection studies than ever before? You are not alone! Join the webinar to learn how protection engineers efficiently tackle robust simulations and studies, with precision and speed.

Duration: 1 hour     

Language:    English      

The power grid is becoming increasingly dynamic – and accurate operation of protection systems is now more critical than ever to maintaining grid reliability. Protection engineers are faced with running more complex simulations and studies which consider massive amounts of data due to grid changes like - changing consumption and generation patterns, the increase growth of inverter-based resources (IBRs), and growing number of digital data points.


As a result, protection engineers need a software which enables them to efficiently tackle robust simulations and studies, with precision and speed.


Within this webinar, you will learn how PSS®CAPE 15, the market leader for highly detailed protection simulation and analysis, enables you to gain valuable insight into both the behavior of your grid and the protection systems to ensure safe and reliable operation.


What will you learn?

  • How PSS®CAPE supports Protection Engineers to tackle IBRs
  • New enhancements released with PSS®CAPE 15
  • A basic introduction to the PSS®CAPE Compliance Module and PSS®CAPE-TS Link modules
  • How to get a trial version of PSS®CAPE
  • Questions and Answers with the PSS®CAPE team



Sandro G. Aquiles-Perez, Ph. D.

PSS®CAPE Product Lifecycle Manager

Bill Owens

Bill Owens

PSS®CAPE Global Sales Manager


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