Webinar: Automate your entire network thermal destruction check with PSS®SINCAL   

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Webinar Abstract

Tired of performing manual short-circuit calculations to determine thermal destruction? Watch the webinar to learn how planning, protection, and asset engineers can save time and increase accuracy of results with a fully automated check of their entire network.

Date: On-demand

Duration: 30 Minutes   

Language:    English


Performing a thorough analysis of thermal destruction is important to maintaining reliable power supply and saving critical equipment, especially as the number of DERs continues to rise. However, manually performing the short-circuit calculations can take days to weeks and may result in inaccurate results.


Now with the PSS®SINCAL Thermal Destruction Analysis (TDA) Module, engineers can perform an automated check for thermal destruction of all lines, transformers, busbars, and breakers in the network and get accurate results within minutes. As a result, the user receives a clear representation of all equipment that gets thermally destroyed.


What will you learn?

  • How to automate your Thermal Destruction check with PSS®SINCAL
  • A brief demonstration of the module in action 
  • How to get started with a trial version of the module 
  • Questions and Answers with the PSS®SINCAL team


Arvin Joshi

Arvin Joshi

 PSS®SINCAL Product Sales Lead 

Mathias Ramold

Mathias Ramold

PSS®SINCAL Product Manager 

Raul Guillermo

Raul Guillermo

PSS®SINCAL Application Engineer 


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