How to turn your digital assets into qualification -  Webinar Vizendo Virtual Training Solutions

February 17th, 2022 10:00 a.m. (CET)
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How Virtual Training Solutions streamlines the onboarding and training process of employees and helps create a basis for certification. 


Date:             17.02.22

Time:            10:00 a.m.
30 - 35 min

Language:    English     

Costs:            Free of charge

Increasing complexity in manufacturing and maintenance is one of the biggest challenges for industrial companies. More and more complex production steps have to be implemented in even shorter time. Targeted training of employees in their work steps is becoming more and more important, especially after product or process changes.​


This requires new training methods that make innovative use of the opportunities offered by digitization and make training easier, faster and more flexible. This is made possible with Vizendo Virtual Training Solutions. 



  • Introduction
  • Why virtual training?
  • What is our solution?
  • How does it work?


Your benefits:

  • Reduction of training time up to 50%
  • Quality improvements by reducing manual assembly mistakes up to 40%
  • Reduction of cost intensive pre-production products and physical prototypes


We are looking forward to welcoming you to this webinar.


Mikael Carlström

Mikael Carlström

Business developer for Siemens based in Gothenburg. Has been working with Virtual training since 2017 after graduating from Luleå University of Technology - Sweden with a Master in Industrial Design Engineering. Splits his time supporting regions across the globe mainly with the focus in Automotive.

Hampus Wargsjö

Hampus Wargsjö

Studied the master program in Industrial Design Engineering at Luleå University of Technology. Started working at Vizendo in Gothenburg, Sweden as an vizualization engineer to develop virtual training material. Moved later towards Product Management and has since the company was merged as an depertmant of Siemens been splitting that role with Business Development.


Patrick Hutzler

Patrick Hutzler


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