Webinar Battery Overview

Webinar series about battery manufacturing and recycling

Thinking ahead to the future of battery manufacturing and recycling

In this three-part webinar series, you will learn how our holistic automation and digitization portfolio helps battery manufacturers and machine builders optimize their production processes.

On-demand | Battery simulation from cell design to cell production

We show you:

  • How you can adopt the latest modelling capabilities of designing battery cells
  • How to improve manufacturing processes by simulating and analysing Li-ion cell production steps
  • How to incorporate systems and detailed component simulation tools

On-demand | Speed up your machine on battery manufacturing

We show you:

  • How to efficiently set up a TIA portal project including a virtual test environment
  • How to analyze high frequency data to locate any disturbing components at the machine
  • How to use Siemens Industrial Edge to increase the machine performance

On-demand | Battery recycling: a building block for sustainability

We show you:

  • What concepts are available for recycling batteries
  • How to intelligently automate discharging of batteries
  • How to digitize the disassembly of the battery pack