Curtain up for SIMOTICS XP

We have prepared a play with a famous group of actors: SIMOTICS XP is performing reliability, robustness and a versatile use in every industry and application. Explosion proof motors at your service are fulfilling all requirements, certifications and fit to your needs.

William A. Shakespeare asked: "To be, or not to be, that is the question." And we know the answer. Definitely IIB because flameproof motor Ex db eb IIB will play main role in the play and mastering the stage.

A strong team can always do more then an individual. We will show you how SIMOTICS XP explosion proof motors can successfully perform together with variable speed drives (VSD) and with gearboxes as SIMOGEAR ATEX.

As right props are essential for actors, same important are proper tools, documentation and support for every customer.

We know it. Let´s register and enjoy the performance!


Friday 22.10.2021, 9:00, German

Friday 22.10.2021, 11:00, English

ACT 1: We would like to welcome you in theatre of SIEMENS. 


- General overview of SIMOTICS XP explosion proof motors for Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22

- Complete offering of flameproof Ex db eb IIB motors

- CHEMSTAR offering for Oil & Gas and Chemical Industry

- Dedicated tools, documentation, certificates and customization possibilities

- Fulfilling energy efficiency requirements from New Regulation (EU) 2019/1781 (MEPS)

Friday 29.10.2021, 9:00, German

Friday 29.10.2021, 11:00, English

ACT 2: Motors are awesome! Let´s get more out of them!


- Technical details about SIMOTICS XP motors construction

- Cooperation with variable speed drives (SIEMENS, 3rd party drive)

- Painting options, C5 and CX possibility, extended special color offering

- Standard, special and project documentation

Friday 05.11.2021, 9:00, German

Friday 05.11.2021, 11:00, English

ACT 3: Gearbox as a standard part of motor offering. Also Ex certified. 


- Why consider gearbox? Which solution suits you best?

- Available designs. Integrated version or with adapter?

- Easy straight forward selection tool. How to do it?


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