Power Supplies for Data Centers

Webinar: Prefabricated Power Supplies for Data Centers

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Heiko Sommer

Senior Development Manager

Data Center Business Global


How prefabricated power supplies optimize project duration and costs


In heavy industries like oil & gas and mining, prefabricated power supplies have been installed for quite some time to reduce construction time at site. The necessary equipment for the complete power distribution chain is installed on skids or in containers and directly delivered to the site. Siemens has been one of the pioneers in offering such solutions right from the time that these ideas came to light.


When it comes to data centers, our own value added consulting on power distribution has been incorporated in the design together with the prefabricated approaches. The aspects of reliability, availability, maintainability and scalability have always been important to us. We have not only taken into account the reduction of construction time for our data center customers, but we’ve also created an optimized solution based the total cost of ownership by offering modularized skids, kiosks substations and e-houses.


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