Webinar series Electronics

Webinar series Electronics

Thinking ahead the future of the Electronics Industry

In this webinar series you will learn how our holistic Digital Enterprise portfolio can help you to optimize your Electronics business. Different experts will present some of the proven solutions and concepts that are driving the Electronics Industry now and in the future.

The sessions are only available in English.

December 9th, 2021 | Robot Integration

More and more industries are using industrial robots. But their integration requires knowledge of specific robot programming tools that are not always available in the company. And also the operation, engineering and service of machines and systems with robots from different manufacturers is becoming more and more complex and time-consuming. Buying such knowledge from external specialists is often the only option, but it is expensive. Does that sound familiar to you?

The solution: standardized integration of robots in the world of PLCs! In this webinar we show you:

  • a standardized interface to robots
  • SIMATIC Robot Library as uniform program language for robots in TIA Portal
  • SIMATIC Robot Integrator as uniform operation across manufacturers
  • Live circuit to our robotics lab for the real solution

On-demand | Digital Factory Optimization

Implementing digitalization in the Electronics Industry is easier than you think! Digital Factory Optimization combines different technologies – from IoT, cloud or edge to digital twins – and thus generates multiple production scenarios for the best possible production and investment decision. In this webinar we show you:

  • How to shorten workflows and time to market
  • Bottlenecks in production
  • How to ensure more transparency and maximum efficiency at a minimum of resource consumption

On-demand | Be prepared for digitalization – with standardization!

In this webinar we would like to show you the topic of standardization in automation technology as the basis for digitalization:

  • What are the values of standardization in automation technology today and in the future?
  • What is required to be able to standardize successfully?
  • Who and what can support the implementation of standardization?

On-demand | Electronics Works Amberg – virtual tour

Take a virtual tour through our Electronics Works Amberg – where SIMATIC produces SIMATIC. We show you:

  • Future technology concepts and real use cases along the entire value chain
  • Production insights bases on data and KPIs
  • More productivity with IIoT and AI
  • First-hand info on the new “THE IMPULSE” visitor center Amberg

On-demand | Highly automated FMCS

We show you how to achieve zero downtimes in semiconductor production:

  • What is FMCS, requirements and scope
  • Lifecycle management suite
  • IIoT edge and cloud solution

On-demand | Smart Manufacturing

The right time to become a digital factory is now! We show you:

  • Number of clear ROI drivers obtained thru Smart Factory
  • Tools which can support numerous New-Product-Introduction (NPIs) a day
  • Tools which optimize material management under high-mix/low-volume production
  • Tools using analytics to run data-driven manufacturing

On-demand | Closed Loop Digital Twin

We show you how to gain more transparency in your Electronics manufacturing:

  • More transparency about production costs
  • Insights into production processes

Korean and Chinese subtitles available