Building system installer in a plant room

Webinar - Transforming buildings into smart and cyber secure assets

22 and 23 August 2022 


Date:              22 and 23 August 2022   

Time:             13:00-14:00 CEST on 22 August and 13:30-14:15 CEST on 23 August.

Language:     English

Digitalization of buildings is the key to reducing their carbon footprint, and this transformation starts at the core of their automation system.

This interactive webinar aims to share with building automation practitioners how to deliver high-performing, cyber secure HVAC applications to achieve optimal control of small to large buildings.


Here is what's on the agenda for you:

  • Key trends and market drivers in the building automation industry
  • Importance of cybersecurity for today's buildings and BACnet Secure Connect
  • Insights about engineering efficiency and how to speed up project completion
  • Introduction of Desigo PXC7 automation controller
  • Project use case of a Siemens Partner

Connect with the experts

Kira Oberbossel profile picture

Kira Oberbossel

Head of Primary Automation

Siemens Smart Infrastructure

Sven Feurer profile picture

Sven Feurer

Marketing Manager Building Automation

Siemens Smart Infrastructure


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