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We initiate innovation activities for Responsible Industrial AI solutions at Siemens.

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We are Siemens’ platform for exploration based on a diverse community of expert enablers. With standardized formats for discovery and validation of AI opportunities, and an AI first mindset, we leverage Siemens’ core assets and the strength of the Munich-centered Industrial AI ecosystem. We channel AI-related research and development activities within Siemens and provide a first point of contact for the outside world on AI-related topics. As a part of Siemens AI and its global footprint, we can leverage the full power of industrial AI within and across the borders of the company.

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Don’t hesitate to reach out to us - no matter at which stage you are, we help you build the right AI application for your business.

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Our co-location space enables diverse, cross-functional teams to come together and outperform traditional project set-ups in terms of speed, creativity, relevance, and agility. We are not only a digital forerunner but also a pioneer on new ways of work. Thus, we organize our team according to approaches of Holacracy, a method of decentralized management. With this intrapreneurial mindset and a fail-fast culture, project teams develop tangible prototypes for the next game-changer in less than a week. Prototype after prototype. Week after week.

We seek to inspire and explore with a track record of 3 hackathons, over 30 orientations and 30 successful accelerations that identified and sped up promising use cases.

Boost your business with Siemens AI

We, as the AI Lab, focus on Artificial Intelligence and guiding you with expertise, experience, state-of-the-art technologies and digital innovation culture to develop your AI-based USP.

Siemens AI core consists of a over 250 AI experts, domain experts as well as internal and external thought leaders to ensure that Siemens and its partners can benefit best from the power of AI. Siemens AI provides access to current AI research: Over the last years Siemens AI was able to develop over 500 patents in the most recent AI developments. We drive innovations across all Siemens business fields while at the same time being thought leaders who push for more daring ideas.

AI with purpose

In all our actions, it is important to us that we critically reflect the implications of AI and the digitalization on society. For this reason, we assure doubtless implementation of principles of trust and put emphasis on "Responsible AI" to translate diligent innovation culture in the era of Artificial Intelligence. In addition, we make sure that our AI applications contribute to the SDGs and that we develop sustainable AI that will take us forward in the long term. We want to be a trusted agent of inclusiveness and fairness and proof the stakeholder-centric attitude by anticipating and shaping the impact of “AI & Future of Work”.

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