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We initiate innovation activities for purposeful industrial AI solutions at Siemens.

#SiemensAI boosts your business

The Siemens AI Lab offers a platform at Siemens to discover and validate industrial AI opportunities. We guide you with expertise, experience, state-of-the-art technologies and digital innovation culture to develop your AI-based USP. As part of #SiemensAI and its global footprint, we can leverage the full power of industrial AI within and across the borders of the company:

  • 250 AI experts, domain experts, and thought leaders
  • > 500 patents in most recent AI developments
  • Co-location space and pioneer in new ways of work
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AI with Purpose

The more opportunities technology creates, the more important it becomes to make sure it’s being applied to the right purpose. Specifically, we need AI with purpose, serving the greater good. For us, any AI application will have to tick three boxes:

  1. Scalability: Creating value for our customers by driving the scalable adoption of AI solutions. Our chief means to ensure a commercially sustainable approach is the "MI Core."
  2. Trustworthiness: Committing to the responsible design of AI implementations aligned with legal regulations, ethics, and technical robustness.
  3. Meaningfulness: Focusing on the meaningful intention behind AI technologies and thereby contributing to solving global challenges like decarbonization, resource efficiency, and other SDG fields.

Co-Create with us

Our co-location space enables diverse, cross-functional teams to come together and outperform traditional project set-ups in terms of speed, creativity, relevance, and agility. We are not only a digital forerunner but also a pioneer on new ways of work. Thus, we organize our team according to approaches of Holacracy, a method of decentralized management. With this intrapreneurial mindset and a fail-fast culture, project teams develop tangible prototypes for the next game-changer in less than a week. 


We seek to inspire and explore with a track record of 4 hackathons, over 30 orientations and 30 successful accelerations that identified and sped up promising use cases.

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