Collaborations and Open Innovation

Shaping the future together

Open for open innovation

Innovation is what transformed Siemens from a start-up in a Berlin courtyard into a modern global enterprise.

But innovation doesn’t happen in closed research laboratories anymore. In a world where disruption and change have become the norm, we rely on the power of collaboration: We work together with partners from academia, customers and suppliers in order to turn exciting ideas into innovations and bring them to market.


We do so with the help of an already large network of partners that is constantly growing. With them, we are shaping a bright future - for our Siemens family, for our customers, and for society.


This collaborative approach is also part of the Siemens DNA. Interdisciplinary collaboration, various forms of open innovation like co-ideation and co-creation with customers, suppliers, start-ups, universities and individual experts at a very early stage of development and through the entire lifecycle are already common practice – both internally and externally. This results in products, services and solutions customized optimally to the unique needs of the customer, with customer feedback flowing into the ongoing development.

Peer to Peer

A journey through the Siemens ecosystem

Customers, start-ups, universities, industry partners, technology experts and consortiums: The world in which Siemens practices its culture of innovation is colorful and international.

Fostering tomorrow’s innovations

Next47 is an independent global venture firm committed to turning today's impossible ideas into tomorrow's indispensable industries. Our relationship with Siemens gives us access to international markets, a global customer base, and incomparable technical experience, all of which we use to catalyze our portfolio companies’ growth. We invest in entrepreneurs who think big and in companies that we believe will change the way the world lives and works. The start-ups Next47 is working with are using deep technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, cybersecurity, autonomous transportation, IoT, robotics, advanced manufacturing, AI-powered business applications, and automation technologies to solve industry’s most difficult and fundamental challenges.

Next47 has offices in Bangalore, Beijing, Herzliya, London, Munich, Palo Alto, Paris and Stockholm. Dual headquarters in Munich and Palo Alto.

The world as a laboratory for ideas

The “Siemens Innovation Ecosystem” invites people from all over the world to become part of an open culture of interaction and co-creation and to shape the future together with the power of Siemens. The ecosystem is a global innovation network that brings people together on a digital platform to drive innovation together.

Transparent gateway

In order to facilitate the unobvious or unused solutions to upcoming challenges, we need to find ways of identifying and facilitating innovation from all possible sources. Two gateways provide access to the Siemens Supplier Innovation world.


The Siemens Supplier Innovation Plattform is a virtual exhibition which is providing an interface for new connections to suppliers of today and the future. It offers access to all companies to actively shape Siemens’ next product generation in concrete Innovation Fields by introducing themselves as a potential supplier with their innovative product proposals.

Where bright minds shine

High-tech open innovation in the heart of Munich: The Siemens AI Lab offers a coworking space in which experts can test the feasibility of new ideas in the trending field of artificial intelligence. Here, the central Siemens research department works closely with the company’s business units and external innovators.

The open, cloud-based IoT operating system

MindSphere is the open, cloud-based Siemens operating system for the internet of things. The “platform as a service” (PaaS) serves as a hub for developing, running, and hosting applications and digital services. This makes it possible to quickly and efficiently capture and analyze the vast amount of data generated by a plant, site, or major piece of infrastructure. The result is a better optimization. MindSphere also provides a quick, cost-effective gateway where customers can get results quickly.


MindSphere World is a forum for all those who want to drive and participate in this rapid development - for all users of the MindSphere ecosystem.

Co-creation with customers

In the MindSphere Application Centers, Siemens works alongside customers to develop new business models, digital solutions and services, and applications for various industries based on MindSphere. That’s why MindSphere Application Centers are located close to our customers and why each one focuses on a specific industry. The aim is to offer digital solutions that add genuine value to our customers’ businesses.


The template for this was the Siemens Mobility Data Services Center opened in 2014 in Allach outside Munich, where a team of digital experts was established to derive added value from the data generated by trains. The team applies state-of-the-art data analytics to generate models and insights that help customers optimize their processes. The result is enhanced visibility of the condition and performance of the systems, better reliability and availability, and considerable gains in efficiency.

Actively shaping the future

Preliminary standardization and its interactions with the innovation and patent strategy support the strategic backup of Siemens’ business goals. The experts at Technology (T) monitor and analyze various innovative topics internally and externally to anticipate any possible need for action in the area of standardization. The topics are evaluated in collaboration with the business units and regional companies, and standardization projects are selected on issues such as security, 5G, W3C, etc.


Experts also systematically monitor and evaluate consortiums and forums and provide information on objectives, scope, and participants.

Siemens Research and Innovation Ecosystems

Addressing today’s technological and entrepreneurial challenges with academia and other external innovation players

Aligned with the Siemens technology portfolio, we work in 16 Siemens Research and Innovation Ecosystems (RIEs) that are globally connected and locally anchored.