Inventors of the Year 2019

Making the impossible possible is something our employees do every day. They make sure that cities are more livable and industries more efficient, and they promote sustainability in society.
Making the impossible possible


Since 1995, Siemens has honored particularly outstanding researchers and developers whose inventions have significantly contributed to company’s success while also benefiting society. The theme for this year’s event is “Dreams: Making the impossible possible.” Siemens has honored 23 particularly successful researchers as the “2019 Inventors of the Year.” Collectively, these scientists are responsible for about 1,450 inventions and 1,500 issued patents. Most of the inventors come from Germany, in addition to the US, Russia, China, the UK, Spain, Italy, and Romania. Since 2016, eligibility to be Inventor of the Year has also been extended to include researchers from outside the company.


The newcomers: They may be fairly recent graduates, but these prizewinners have already come up with many inventions after working at Siemens for only a few years. Their enthusiasm for technology, their creativity, and their determination have earned them and their work tremendous respect and recognition in specialist circles.

Open Innovation

The crossover artists. Like all inventors, they like to think outside the box. And they take this one step further by completely changing perspectives from time to time. As highly innovative engineers, they know which technologies have what it takes to be successful. And these prizewinners don’t only come from Siemens, they also represent universities and startups that work closely together with Siemens – proof that our open innovation strategy is working.

Outstanding Invention

Game changers earn high marks with an outstanding invention. With their inventions, the prizewinners have set new standards in their field of technology. An industrially significant invention or an improvement to an existing product led to a business success, or a new approach helped solve a social problem or improved people’s lives. Each prizewinner met one of these criteria.

Lifetime Achievements

As the trend setters for innovation at Siemens, inventors are honored who have worked at Siemens for at least 15 years and who have come up with an impressive number of inventions over the course of their careers that were granted numerous business-relevant patents. After their long careers, the recipients can be proud of the significant contributions they have made to Siemens’ success as an innovative company.

Design and User Experience

Protecting the design of a new product increases its market value and strengthens our competitiveness. This is one aspect that these prizewinners consider. The product features a particularly user-friendly design and offers an even balance between cost and quality as well as functional added value. The design therefore helps support Siemens’ brand.