Inventors of the Year

Livestream, Dec 13

Inventors of the Year 2022 - Award Ceremony

We invite you to dive into the worlds of researchers, developers, and designers. For 175 years our inventors have turned ideas into innovation. Follow the Inventors of the Year livestream on December 13, 2022, and get to know the people who are shaping the future.

Technology with purpose that transforms the everyday

Every year Siemens honors particularly outstanding researchers and developers as Inventors of the Year in five categories: Newcomers, Open Innovation, Outstanding Invention, Lifetime Achievement and Design and User Experience. Their innovations have significantly contributed to the company’s success while also benefiting society. Where information technology and operational technology converge, those inventors create technologies that bridge those worlds and transform everyday lives. They make our traveling more sustainable, our industries smarter, and they help to protect our health. The 15 awarded inventors have their origins in the US, India, Israel, UK, Poland and Germany.


After working at Siemens for only a few years, these prizewinners have already developed many inventions. Their enthusiasm for technology, their creativity, and their determination have earned them and their work tremendous respect and recognition in specialist circles.

Power superhero

Stefan Pfefferlein is improving power electronics and connecting power units to the digital world.


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Hydrogen drives for rail

De-Niang Maria Peymandar contributes to make emission-free rail transportation possible.


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Open Innovation

The crossover artists. Like all inventors, they like to think outside the box. Highly innovative engineers know which technologies have what it takes to be successful. Researchers from Siemens, from universities or startups are jointly developing new approaches in open innovation projects.

Robots can’t mill metal?

Birgit Obst, Dirk Hartmann, and Florian Schnös have developed algorithms that enable industrial robots to perform previously out of reach tasks.


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Outstanding Invention

Those game changers earn high marks with an outstanding invention. They have set new standards in their field of technology. An industrially significant invention or an improvement to an existing product led to business success, or a new approach helped solve a social problem and improved people’s lives.

The democratization of cancer care

Tobias Gass, Tomasz Morgas, and Christopher Boylan contributed to making advanced cancer care available to broader population groups.  


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An ESP for power grids

Ulrich Münz and Joachim Bamberger invented software that automatically stabilizes grids with a very high share of renewables. 


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Lifetime Achievement

Inventors who have worked at Siemens for at least 15 years and have come up with an impressive number of inventions that were granted numerous business-relevant patents are awarded for their lifetime achievement. After their long careers, the recipients can be proud of the significant contributions to Siemens’ success as an innovative company.

"Problems are the best thing to have"


The components that Mark Andreaco and his team produce, contribute to the stunning image quality of the Biograph Vision systems from Siemens Healthineers.


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"It’s all about bringing in domain knowledge"

Amit Chakraborty is an AI innovator and strategist whose analytical thinking floats above business area boundaries.   


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Design and User Experience

The winners created the design of a new product or product feature that enables a particularly user-friendly functionality and adds value.

Bubbles for production

Noga Bar-On, Varda Senerman, and Hadar Hillel from Siemens Digital Industries Software designed a visual user interface that makes balancing a mixed production line easier, quicker, and safer.


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