Detecting breast cancer early on

Anna Jerebko has developed algorithms that enable mammograms to display tissue structures in the breast in a way that was never possible before.
Inventors of the Year 2019

Outstanding Invention

Anna Jerebko has a calling: to identify cancers or any abnormalities as early as possible. The Inventor of the Year at Siemens Healthineers won’t rest until she’s made the latest technology usable for diagnostic purposes. That’s why she invented algorithms that can be used in mammography to show breast tissue structures in high resolution rotating 3D animations, and in single depictions for the first time. This has potential to make diagnosis for radiologist easier, which usually work with many separate sectional images. The award in the Single Outstanding Invention category recognizes her work in this field.
That’s where I finally found my calling, using medical imaging and machine learning to discover changes that could become malignant.
Anna Jerebko, Siemens Healthineers

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