"It’s all about bringing in domain knowledge" 

Inventors of the Year 2021 | Category Lifetime Achievement
My inventions have contributed to solutions in several fields. The common denominator is that – no matter from which industrial source the data comes – we combine it with domain knowledge to develop solutions that benefit one or the other Siemens Business Units. We combine the physical and digital worlds, real and simulated data, and make overarching use of AI. Looking back, I have always been directed by clear customer requirements.
Amit Chakraborty, Principal at Siemens Technology in Princeton, United States.

Artificial Intelligence

Combine domain knowledge with Artificial Intelligence, listen to the customers and find solutions for their needs. Amit Chakraborty has been doing that for more than twenty years. He has contributed to numerous solutions from Siemens and is awarded as “Inventor of the Year 2021” for his lifetime achievement.