Digital management of megacities

With the Embedded City Box (ECB), Luo Sha Liu and Hai Liu have designed a device for the Internet of Things (IoT), which improves life in large metropolitan areas.
Inventors of the Year 2019

Design and User Experience

Industrial designer Luo Sha Liu (34) and mechanical engineer Hai Liu (38) from Corporate Technology China both know what day-to-day life feels like in a metropolis of many millions: Luo Sha Liu has her home in Beijing, while Hai Liu maintains his base in Suzhou. They can see every day how their cities are growing and changing. With the Embedded City Box (ECB), they’ve designed a device for the Internet of Things (IoT) that’s intended to improve life in metropolitan areas. The two inventors are being honored in the new Design and Usability category.
The Embedded City Box couldn’t be too big or heavy, to make sure it could be easily transported and put up on the light poles.
Hai Liu, engineer with focus on mechanical design at Corporate Technology in China.

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