Hydrogen drives for rail

Inventors of the Year 2021 | Category Newcomers
I am convinced that green hydrogen offers a lot of potential to reduce our emissions from transport and meet our climate goals. In a project with Deutsche Bahn, we will be equipping a Mireo train with fuel cells from January 2022. We are testing a completely new overall system consisting of a hydrogen-powered train and a newly designed filling station.
De-Niang Maria Peymandar, Design Manager at Siemens Mobility in Krefeld, Germany.

Fuel Cells for Rail

Nearly half of the railroad lines in Europe are not electrified. The diesel-powered trains that run on these tracks produce emissions. Switching to hydrogen would eliminate these emissions. Siemens Mobility is equipping trains with hydrogen fuel cells. And De-Niang Maria Peymandar is responsible for integrating fuel cells in the system. The cells support onboard power generation, and the entire system can enable ranges of up to 1000 kilometers.

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