From milking cows to harvesting the wind

Arwyn Thomas and his team have successfully doubled the torque of generators in 6-megawatt offshore turbines.
Inventors of the Year 2019


Wind farms off the coast are generating more and more climate-friendly electricity every year. The technology they use has improved dramatically in the past decade, and inventor Arwyn Thomas, of Siemens Gamesa, is one of the key players making it happen. He expects to have many more patents to his name. He sees still huge potential for innovations in the area of direct-drive wind turbines. Thomas, 36, from the UK and working in Sheffield, has been recognized in the Talent category.
The slogan for wind turbines is ‘even taller and even larger‘. We need to adapt the generator to longer rotor blades, we always need more torque.
Arwyn Thomas, team leader in Development at Siemens Gamesa

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