A GPS to synchronize the heart

Inventors of the year 2020 | Category Talents

Cardiac Resynchronization

Personalized planning of cardiac resynchronization therapy is of paramount importance for its success. Tommaso Mansi and his research group from Siemens Healthineers managed to develop a digital twin of the heart, namely a computational model of a patient’s heart available on a computer. The goal is to enable the physician to use the predictive guidance of the digital twin in real time during a procedure, potentially increasing the number of people that could benefit from the therapy. The prototype is a game changer for precision medicine.
The accurate placement of electrodes on a patient’s heart is of high importance for cardiac resynchronization therapy to succeed. Our digital twin has the potential to give predictive guidance in real time. The physician could use it as a GPS to place the electrodes.
Tommaso Mansi, head of the image-guided therapy and robotics research group at Siemens Healthineers

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