Speeding up by slowing down

Inventors of the year 2020 | Category Talents

In Vitro Diagnostics

Modern labs receive patient samples from many different facilities. They rely on automation to mitigate the impact of this variation. With expertise in the field of Machine Vision, Benjamin Pollack and his team at Siemens Healthineers are improving automation. They apply Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to greatly reduce the failure rate of automated in vitro diagnostics. Additionally, their smart automation knows how to safely move tubes through the system at higher speeds.
We don’t have the luxury of just hitting refresh when we have an error.  An error could mean redrawing a pediatric blood sample or delaying a critical medical decision in an emergency room. Everyone in the diagnostics business understands that improving the speed and reliability of in vitro diagnostics doesn’t just help improve the profits of labs; it helps save lives.
Benjamin Pollack, Technology Leader for Machine Vision for Siemens Healthineers 

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