Robots can’t mill metal? 

Inventors of the Year 2021 | Category Open Innovation
As part of an open innovation project, we developed new concepts for Siemens Digital Industries customers. We dove into the world of milling robots and asked ourselves how to control them better. And we showed that robots can take over tasks that were previously done by machine tools, such as milling metal - and that they can deliver precise results.
Team Open Innovation, Munich, Germany.

Industrial Robots

Robots are an essential building block of Industry 4.0. Nevertheless, industrial robots have not precisely performed tasks involving solid forces, such as milling metal. Birgit Obst, Dirk Hartmann, and Florian Schnös have developed algorithms that enable robots to perform tasks previously reserved for machine tools. Simulation lets them recognize whether reality deviates from the plan. They then adjust their movements in real-time.

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