Bubbles for production

Inventors of the Year 2021 | Category Design and User Experience
For Industrial and Manufacturing Engineers, mixed production lines mean that line balancing becomes a very complicated challenge. This is because different product variants require different operations to be done on them in the different stations. However, the workload in each station should still be as close as possible to the takt time for every variant. This is especially important for the more common variants in the production mix. Therefore, variant probability should also be considered. A bubble chart allows visualizing two dimensions of the variants - workload and probability – on a single axis per station. This makes it extremely easy to find the issues that are most important to handle.
Noga Bar-On, Senior UX Expert at Siemens Digital Industries Software

Innovative User Interface

Customers ask for highly customized products, and the industry needs to meet this market demand. As a result, mixed production lines became common in which multiple product variants are manufactured on the same line. Keeping such lines balanced – preventing bottlenecks on one hand while utilizing resources well on the other – is a complicated task. Noga Bar-On, Varda Senerman, and Hadar Hillel from Siemens Digital Industries Software developed a User Interface to support this task. While using innovative information visualization, the balancing issues and their significance become very easy and quick to spot.