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Inventors of the year 2020 | Category Outstanding Invention

Intosite: Factory Digital Twin

Imagine you are a major manufacturer with dozens of factories and facilities across the globe; each site staffed with hundreds of professionals, filled with machinery and sophisticated information systems. You would find yourself dealing with extremely complex volumes of data. Tali Segall, Eitan Carmi and Rafi Blumenfeld from Siemens Digital Industries Software in Israel saw the challenges that manufacturers were facing and found a way to make that complexity manageable through a sophisticated software called Intosite. The Intosite solution combines factory visualization with manufacturing information and offers remote collaboration tools – to users anywhere on the globe and in real time.
Intosite creates magic for manufacturing people: They can virtually jump into a full 3-D model of any of their sites, navigate to specific lines or machines and have click-and-get-access to related information and in-context collaboration apps. For brownfield factories, Intosite can be a key enabler of digitalization. One can start with a simple 2D-layout of the as-is factory, and then, step by step, add visual and process information until they have a full digital twin of the factory.
Tali Segall, Innovation Lead at Siemens Digital Industries Software in Tel Aviv, Israel

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