Talents: Daniel Labisch

What do pastry chefs and the pharmaceutical industry have in common?

Inventors of the Year 2020 | Category Talents

Process Industries

The industrial manufacture of particular medications or chemical substances involves what’s known as recipe-based processes. There are a few features in common with using a recipe to bake a cake, only they’re much more complicated, with hundreds of variables in play. This complexity can be managed with artificial intelligence. Daniel Labisch and his team at Siemens Process Automation have developed an algorithm to optimize recipe-based industrial processes. Thanks to AI, errors in the production process can be identified and eliminated at an early stage with no need to bring production to a standstill. The invention is currently being incorporated into an app.
We develop AI algorithms for the process industry, including the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. One of these algorithms lets us identify and fix any deviations at an early stage. This method of diagnosis prevents critical situations from developing, and the systems don’t have to be stopped so often. We’re now developing an app for customers which incorporates this algorithm.
Daniel Labisch, Project Manager Advanced Technologies, Siemens Process Automation 

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