All quiet in the scanner

David Grodzki has improved cross-sectional images, shortened imaging times and reduced the loud buzzing noise of MRIs by as much as up to 97 percent.
Inventors of the Year 2019


During periods of high-intensity research, David Grodzki winds up almost daily lying in “the tube,” as an MR scanner gets affectionately known. The Siemens Healthineers researcher is testing new processes to improve scans, shorten scanning times, or – as in one of his best inventions yet – to ease the patient’s experience, for example by reducing the typical noise of an MR unit by up to 97 percent. Grodzki won an award in the “Talent” category.
The typical knocking of an MRT unit of more than 100 dezibels used to be very stressful for the patient, especially in a head scan.
David Grodzki, Researcher at Siemens Healthineers

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