A lifetime dedicated to safe rail automation

Inventors of the Year 2020 | Category Lifetime Achievement

Rail Automation

All new high-speed trains in Europe operate safely thanks to algorithms that Jens Braband helped develop. For three decades, the mathematician of Siemens Mobility has ensured the reliable control of trains and interlockings. From the transmission of critical data using the European Train Control System to the digital interlocking, his algorithms make standard digital technologies safe enough to be used in rail automation. For his accomplishments, the mathematician has been named Inventor of the Year in the Lifetime Achievement category.
I’ve contributed to a paradigm shift in safety technology. Technically, we call it a risk-based approach. It opened the door for the use of standard technologies like WiFi, GSM, smartphones, the cloud, and Ethernet for train and infrastructure control and communication, resulting in safe digitalization.
Jens Braband, safety expert for rail automation at Siemens Mobility

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