A blueprint for smart cities around the globe

Inventors of the year 2020 | Category Design and User Experience

Smart City Suite App

The next EXPO in Dubai holds the ambition to become the most sustainable, digital, and secure EXPO ever. A MindSphere team from Siemens is developing the related digital smart city application. The app is meant to support Expo’s goals and also serve as a blueprint for future smart cities. The app design visualizes a wide variety of infrastructural data and has been developed by an Experience Design Team from Siemens Technology. They developed new ways of displaying the humongous amount of data that a smart city produces in especially user-friendly formats. The designs are enriched with context and insights that are globally understandable and bias-free.
Bringing IoT to life is a beautiful task for designers. The next EXPO in Dubai provided the testbed for us to research and create a universally adaptable and scalable experience design solution for a smart city app. It makes powerful building technologies and real-time data from 200,000 sensor points manageable in a unique user experience. Our designs are cognitively crafted, and they take into account diverse cultural backdrops. They assist EXPO in making informed decisions and they can potentially be scaled and adopted by any smart city globally.
VeeraVenkata Atmakuri, Head of User Experience, Siemens Technology Services, India 

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