Welcome to CF A

Your onboarding journey

Welcome to Controlling and Finance Assurance (CF A)

We are delighted that you are joining our team!

Starting a new job is always exciting and, especially in a hybrid setting, challenging. We want to help you transition into your new role as seamlessly as possible. Therefore, we created this page to accompany you on Your onboarding journey. On this website you will find useful information to get you started on your new endeavor. Get to know our department better and learn how you can prepare yourself best for your start with us. Furthermore, our Recruiting Team has put together FAQs and is always available for your questions.

Again, welcome and we look forward to having you onboard soon!

Your CF A community 

CF A awaits you with a structured onboarding process and a vibrant variety of onboarding activities

Get to know the Practice Leads

Our leadership team is also keen on getting to know you. You will have the chance to present yourself to the whole group and ask all the questions you might have regarding our different Practices. 

Welcome Call with Chief Auditor

During your first months with us, you will have the chance to get to know our Chief Auditor Georg Klein in a get-to-know call. 

Guided Training Curriculum

To get you started with your new role, we have several Onboarding trainings in place that will give you an overview of our work, for instance about our Agile Auditing approach. 

Onboarding Team – Your personal support

Several people will support you during your Onboarding journey: Your Supervisor will be your personal coach, your Buddy guides you through the first months, the Team Assistant and Recruiting Team will be there for all your administrative questions.

Prepare yourself for your start with us

You wonder what you can do to prepare yourself for your new role?

To learn more about Siemens and CF A have a look at the overall Siemens company presentation and our CF A department presentation.

In addition, you can help us by introducing yourself to the CF A community. We use MS Teams as our main communication channel and would be happy if you wrote a post about your new role within your first week.

Use this manual if you want to prepare the text in advance. 

Our worldwide Recruiting team is always there to answer your questions

FAQs Global

The responsible recruiter in your region is always happy to support you prior to your first day with us and will refer you to the correct contact for your question, if necessary. 

First, your Supervisor will get in touch with you to provide you with all the necessary details for your start.  Second, your Supervisor will assign a Buddy to you. Your Buddy will also reach out to you in order to get to know you prior to your start. In the meantime, the Team Assistant will take care of your IT equipments so that you are all set up. 

CF A offers a CF A University (training week) for all our employees worldwide at the end of each calendar year. There are also regional summits (3 days) which ususally take place in the third quarter of the Siemens fiscal year in the different CF A hubs. You will receive invitations to those events via e-mail.

For more information on CF A, please visit our external CF A webpage.

Please reach out to the responsible recruiter in your region.

Please reach out to the responsible recruiter in your region

During the first six months there are onboarding trainings which shall help you to have a smooth start in your new role. Some of those trainings are virtual training sessions and inform you for instance about the CF A Audit Quality Framework or Agile Auditing. Other trainings are self-paced online trainings such as the New@Siemens training or the Siemens Compliance trainings. There are also training courses during our yearly training events which focus e.g. on technical skills, digitalization, leadership and communication. Furthermore, the Siemens My Learning World platform offers a great variety of trainings for each employee.

The Team Assistant of your Practice takes care of ordering your IT equipment and your PKI card. In case of questions, please reach out to your respective Team Assistant.

FAQs Europe

Please reach out to the HR Service Center HRServices4You:
E-mail: hrs4you.de@siemens.com
Phone: 0800-6040400 (nationally) / +49 (9131) 17-1212 (internationally)
Service hours: Monday to Friday (8:00 am - 2:00 pm CET)

Please make sure to hand-sign and return the (German) copy of your contract, side letters (if existing) as well as attachments as mentioned in your contract scanned in to HRS4You hrs4you.de@siemens.com or via your Welcome Portal access prior to your contract start date. Please either return the contract digital or via post mail. 

The first time you join Siemens, we are obliged to check the identity of our new employees for salary purposes. If the ID check is not completed in time, your salary payment process cannot be initiated. Therefore, this step is key on your first day with us! The identity check will be conducted by your Supervisor on your first day. Please make sure to bring your original identity document (e.g. passport) with you and show it to your Supervisor. Your Supervisor will take all necessary steps to make sure the ID check is completed.

Please acccess the Welcome Portal: www.siemens.com/onboarding. In order to access the portal, you need to enter your user name = GID (can be found in your contract) and your birth date. 

Depending if you relocate nationally, internationally or intercontinentally, we will provide you with additional support (e.g. Global Business Services, relocation agencies etc.). In case of questions, please get in touch with the responsible recruiter,  who will provide you with all relevant information, guide you through the process and refer you to the appropriate point of contact for your request. 

FAQs China

Please reach out to the contact person mentioned in the New Comer Onboarding Package from GBS H2R.

After handing over all materials in original version on your first day (onboard day), you'll get the official labor contract from the HRBP/HR Consultant within one week.

FAQs India

Please reach out to your respective HR business partner.