“Electricity is life”

Ashok Rane has been an engineer at Siemens India for 40 years, and is the founder of the Siemens Aiyka Foundation. Find out how he’s inspiring the next generation of engineers with his experience, guidance and commitment.  

Bringing electrical and computer knowledge to the youth of India

“As an engineer, I believe that electricity is life”, says Ashok Rane, a senior manager at Siemens India. As an engineer, his work is never done – he’s always looking for solutions that will improve people’s lives


This goal has driven him his whole life, and today Ashok is passing on his knowledge to the next generation of young Indian engineers. He set up the Siemens Aikya Education and Welfare Trust to teach, support and inspire young people who are studying engineering and computer science.

He believes that young generations have the potential to change the future for the better, “It’s our duty to take whatever we learn from others and give it to the young generations”.


Experience how Ashok inspires the next generation.

Behind the scenes

Making Ashok’s reality virtual

We followed Ashok through the busy streets of Mumbai, to his workplace and into the classrooms of the Aikya Foundation. Using 360° cameras to create an immersive VR experience, we captured how he’s inspiring the next generation of young engineers. Here’s how we did it.