“Code is a language”

Devon Tooley is a software engineer from Chicago, U.S. She works with Siemens PLM software to change manufacturing. Follow her into the real world of PLM software.

Discovering new ways of working by sharing software solutions

“If you can think it, I can code it”, says Devon Tooley, who is an experienced software engineer working with Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) technology.


She’s a real-world problem solver. “It’s my job to improve design and manufacturing processes”, she says, and no two days are the same: she’s always meeting new Siemens customers, traveling to different locations and finding the most efficient solutions. Devon set up a group at Siemens called NEXT, that lets experts from all over the world collaborate, exchange knowledge and work towards a smarter future.


For her, it’s all about collaboration: “I think if you tell people about what problems you've solved, you're collectively making yourself smarter.”


Experience the world of PLM software through Devon’s eyes.

Behind the scenes

Making Devon’s reality virtual

Devon is constantly in motion, traveling, working and meeting different Siemens clients. Using 360° cameras to create an immersive VR experience, we captured how she’s developing new ways of working together by sharing knowledge. Here’s how we did it.