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This is Elly

Elly is one of 295,000 Siemens employees worldwide. But Elly is much more than just one of many.
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Get to know Elly

Let's meet: Elly

Elly is 55% nerd, 20% analyst, 25% discoverer, and much more. And this combination is what makes Elly unique.

Elly the person

Elly loves logic and efficiency and good food. Everything that’s practical, but at the same time, also adds value. It may be a delicious, homemade cream of potato soup that’s suitable for every occasion, or a hackathon that gives her the opportunity to learn something new.


Elly’s passion is to find the most efficient solution to a problem. During her studies, she took additional courses and started her own little fun projects with the Raspberry Pi.

Today, she takes part in hackathons, where she learns about new tools. This only benefits her in her job.

Elly @ Siemens

Elly is a project manager in Research & Development at Siemens. She and her team develop software to move machine data to the cloud. Right now, she’s concentrating on a free Raspberry Pi image that will ensure sample data can be automatically moved to the MindSphere cloud platform. In the process, Elly’s achieving something for her customers that also drives her: Practical, easy-to-integrate solutions that make life not just easier, but also better.


What’s special about this? Elly and her team are agile and relatively free to choose the technology they use in their work. Whether Docker, Kubernetes, React, Angular, Azure, AWS, etc., there’s the right solution for every problem. They also need this freedom, not just because professional development is fun, but also to steadily improve the user experience.

Their goal: Every customer should have the opportunity to upload their data to the cloud for analysis, as easily and as automatically as possible. With prefabricated modules, they can develop even faster solutions themselves. Elly and her team are closer and closer to achieving this goal. They develop new functionalities over two-week sprints, and every four weeks, they have the opportunity to catch the “release train” and make new functions available to their customers.

Here at Siemens, we can learn a lot from a number of masterminds. 

The more, the better

Elly’s superpower is to always make the best of every situation. In her job, that’s evident in time-critical projects, such as the integration of two products. That can get stressful. But for Elly, it’s an opportunity to learn and expand her network. In her personal life, she uses challenges like the current situation to try new things out and learn new skills. Over the past few weeks, for example, Elly has improved her botanical skills and grew many new vegetables and herbs herself.


The crisis was also a perfect opportunity to use her superpower to do good: The “wirvsvirus” hackathon came at just the right time. And with combined superpowers – the more, the better.

Always informed

Interesting topics, interesting people: That’s Siemens

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