This is George

George is one of 295,000 Siemens employees worldwide. But George is much more than just one of many.
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Get to know George

Let's meet: George

George is 100% techie, mobility genius, sci-fi fan, maker, and do-it-yourselfer. This combination is what makes George unique.

George the person

George is a techie through and through. He loves every kind of technology. Especially, anything that’s fast – high-speed drives, as well as virtual vehicles and simulations.


But he’s also fascinated by open-source projects and at-home developments far from the world of the major players.

George @ Siemens

George is a simulation developer for rail vehicles at Siemens. 

He and his team develop virtual vehicles, in other words, digital twins of products designed and manufactured by Siemens. Right now, his projects include a new subway train for London and the new platform for the Velaro Novo. 


George loves his job, because it combines his passion for fast vehicles and innovative technologies. For exactly this reason, George joined Siemens after his studies: As a simulation developer, working here gives him the opportunity to assume technical responsibility for a very large and very complex system. That's something his fellow students could only dream of accomplishing. After all, who can claim to be able to control and manipulate a virtual vehicle putting out tens of thousands of horsepower?

Well … George can!

I’m working toward having a complete virtual vehicle in the lab, with each stage of development being the result of automatic processing.

Currently, in the Siemens Mobility labs where George and his team work, there are more than 100 different virtual vehicles in use. There, they are tested, adjusted, and optimized, before the first prototype is even created. This saves not only resources, but also nerves. Because there is a lot to test and optimize before the most technically innovative and comfortable train is completed. 
Recently, George and his team set a new record. Thanks to its simulation, among other things, the Mireo platform was developed in just 38 months – from a blank sheet of paper through to passenger operations.   


But, like the virtual vehicles he develops, George never stands still. His goal is to one day create a completely virtual vehicle. At the moment, the simulation still needs a real component, which is why simulation is limited to the lab. George’s dream: Completely virtual vehicles, created almost automatically and based only on development documentation, which everyone can run, test, and adapt on their computer. That’s still science fiction, but science fiction happens to be precisely what George enjoys spending his time on the most. So, it’s only a question of time, before it becomes a reality. 

The more, the better

George’s love of technology and his ambition are obvious. Only on second glance, does his secret power become clear: George’s team spirit. Even George has to admit he could never do his job on his own. His team is made up of two dozen people – all pulling together and passionate about what they do.


All in all, that’s a lot of love for technology. And that’s when more is really so much better.

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