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This is Johannes

Johannes is one of almost 295,000 Siemens employees worldwide. But Johannes is much more than just one of many.
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Get to know Johannes

Let's meet: Johannes

Johannes is 60% idealist, 10% team player, 15% pioneer, 12% visionary, and 3% ornithologist. This combination is what makes Johannes unique.

Johannes the person

Johannes’ special superpower lies in being able to enthuse those around him with his openness and passion for the things that inspire him. Among his colleagues, he’s known for his inspiring presentations. His enthusiasm is infectious on a large scale, as well. That’s how he’s already won multiple Science Slams. 


Actually, Johannes doesn't like to be in the spotlight. He enjoys the quiet. Enjoying nature in the woods or on the terrace listening to the birds is how he best switches off. 

In his everyday life, he’s more of a team player than a soloist. There’s no other way to work as Johannes and his team are pioneers.

Johannes @ Siemens

Johannes is a software engineer. Together, he and his team have developed a digital assistant for the industry. Every child is now familiar with digital assistants. They’re in smartphones, cars, and our homes. Almost everything can be voice-controlled now.


Thanks to Johannes and his team, that also goes for process control systems from Siemens. With their assistant, it’s now possible to comfortably call up process and operational data with a voice command.

We have so many ideas for the future, and it’s exciting to be able to experience them turning into practical reality.

The surprising thing? Just three years ago, all this was still a dream of the future. That’s how long it took to develop from a mere idea to the first market-ready product. To get this far in the first place, the team had to follow the same steps as an independent start-up: Pitch the idea, find sponsors and interested parties, put together teams, create prototypes, hold hackathons, and test in the lab and in the field. The first pilot tests in the field were so successful, that the customers would have preferred to immediately integrate the assistants everywhere. 


But Johannes’ team still wasn’t satisfied. Their goal is to further simplify and improve communication between humans and automated systems. The system is designed so flexibly that gestures, facial expressions, or eye movements could be used to control it in the future. That may sound like a gimmick, but for field operations, where background noise may be a factor and the users could literally “have their hands full,” these options are a matter of safety. As an absolute idealist, technology is not for technology’s sake in Johannes’ mind. It must have a purpose, to make something better, or be progressive. As a team leader, project manager, developer, and tester, he’s working to turn those very aspects into reality.

The more, the better

If Johannes could start his very own project again, he’d work to ensure that teams come together on the basis of what drives them as people – that first and foremost their work is purpose-driven in the future. He believes that this would enable people to work even harder toward a common goal. This is exactly the kind of team Johannes put together for his digital assistant at Siemens, and their success proves him right.

Johannes’ level of idealism and motivation helps a lot.

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