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This is Regina

Regina is one of 385,000 Siemens employees worldwide. But Regina is much more than just one among many.
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Get to know Regina

Let us introduce: Regina

Regina is 55% content manager, 20% humanist, 20% gourmet, and 5% environmentalist. This combination is what makes Regina unique.

Regina the person

Regina isn’t a typical techie. She focuses on what people need and what is good for them: nature, healthy food, and switching off now and then.

In her private life she uses technology mainly to make her life more comfortable. Above all, everything should be convenient, useful, and meet her needs perfectly – from the coffee machine to the gaming console to online banking, shopping, and streaming.
Does that fit in with her job in the industry? Absolutely.

Regina @ Siemens

Regina is a technical editor at Siemens. Here, too, she focuses on what people need. Regina creates customer benefit and communicates.
She documents, explains, illustrates, and creates certainty. Every day, Regina makes sure Siemens products and services are used correctly and safely.

Much of her work is creating content. In the process, she often acts as a translator. But she doesn’t just translate from one language to another. Primarily, Regina translates between humans and machines, from developer to user. She influences development terminology, optimizes the software UX, creates screencasts, mock-ups, diagrams, and documentation. Everything to facilitate ideal communication between humans and machines. That’s how she makes life not just easier, but also safer.  

Right now, I’m working agile with a number of international development teams on software products. One focal point: the development of a physical security information management system for building safety.

Regina’s favorite project? “Siveillance Control.” Siemens own software for building safety and hazard management was one of her first tasks at Siemens and also a massive project. The software takes care of routine and emergency tasks in critical infrastructure. From planning to coordination, all building security functions and measures are included and third-party systems can be integrated.

Giant software, giant responsibility. It was a real challenge to document and secure everything in such a way that the program could be used both correctly and safely. There is no room for error. At the end the software controls, among other things, fire alarms in public buildings, such as universities, shopping centers, and hospitals.

The more, the better

In Regina’s everyday work, everything revolves around safety and added value for people. This is where she’s found her calling. If someone asks her what kind of project she’d like to initiate, there would be a stronger focus on customer feedback as a way of taking her work closer to specific needs. She would also like to give a member of the board a day off – time out to breathe. Regina has everyone’s well-being on her mind.

Always informed

Interesting topics, interesting people: that’s Siemens

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