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This is Tim

Tim is one of about 385,000 Siemens employees worldwide. But Tim is much more than just one among many.
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Get to know Tim

Let us introduce: Tim

Tim is 63% doer, 20% structure nerd, 7% researcher, and 10% law enforcer. This combination is what makes Tim unique.

Tim the person

Tim loves efficiency and structure. Especially, anything that’s fast, useful, and straightforward.

He’s ambitious and has clear goals that he addresses with focus. He’s a doer. He makes things happen. Implement. Tim has no appreciation for small talk and frills. He loves to outperform himself and others.
In his private life, this finds expression in his love of sport. Just a few days ago, he beat his own record time for running.

Tim @ Siemens

At Siemens, Tim is responsible for cybersecurity. Specifically, protection and prevention. That’s perfect for someone with Tim’s ambition and focus, since cybersecurity is fundamentally a competition: always staying one step ahead of the opponent, with a need to be both fast and efficient. 

A normal working day for Tim involves software, data, and analysis, but his job is much more than dusty theory.

To make sure there are no points available for attack by hostile hackers and malware, Tim and his team have to be familiar with every new technology on the market. Whatever digital products exist, his team will work with them. Their goal: to identify vulnerabilities and dangers, develop security strategies, close security loopholes, and create awareness. In one of the world’s largest industrial companies, that also means Tim has to constantly interact with international companies and security agencies around the world to identify global threats and comply with both national and international standards. 

Which other company offers you the opportunity to work on another continent for two years to join local experts in putting a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy in place?

That sounds like a lot of responsibility. And it is, because when Siemens talks cybersecurity, there’s more to it than keeping employees’ e-mail accounts secure.

Cybersecurity affects all aspects of IT, OT, and the Cloud. This always includes infrastructure. Siemens components can be found across all countries and industries. From traffic lights to cars and airplanes – there can be no vulnerabilities.

The more, the better

Most people would sit back and relax if every day they moved as much as Tim. Not in his case, however. Instead, he dreams of one day developing cybersecurity data analytics to generate even more knowledge and transparency concerning potential vulnerabilities and new standards.

As unpretentious and focused as he is, at first glance, Tim may come across as maybe nerdy. But in his job, Tim’s ambitious personality becomes his super power, which he uses for the safety of everyone.

In Tim’s case, ambition and focus are a huge help.

Always informed

Interesting topics, interesting people: that’s Siemens

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