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Chief Executive Opportunity Program

You set the course.

The work of an executive is not unlike that of a captain: You’re the one in charge. Not only of the route and navigation, but also of your crew, your supplies, and, of course, the ship itself. We’re here to prepare you for the challenge – with lots of passion and even more expertise – in the Chief Executive Opportunity Program (CEO* Program). We’re looking for open-minded, fearless managers who are in tune with the times – smart minds determined to transform the everyday and change the world.



Program duration – two years that will change your life


business areas

To make an impact – in senior management worldwide 


unique community

Your career network – around the globe

I want a career in general management. The CEO* Program set me on the path to achieving that.
Busola, Head of Long-Term Service Agreements Implementation for Asia-Pacific and China
Your program benefits

The challenge: tough. The prize: huge.

There are some things you have to experience yourself to understand. That’s why we asked people who have already been through the Chief Executive Opportunity Program (CEO* Program) to tell us about their experience at Team Siemens. Find out what our successful alums have to say.
The collection of CEO* Program alums and associates is like the United Nations – with a rich diversity of backgrounds, nationalities, mindsets and aspirations.
Kunal, Vice President, Shared Autonomous Mobility
Your program

Whether you go with or against the flow – you set the direction.

Your ports of call

Three assignments lie ahead, each eight months long. They will be challenging and personally tailored to your needs. Excited by the prospect? We are, too – every time.

Two years of sailing close to the wind

You’ll get to know Siemens inside out. Three challenging assignments await. Looking for ways to achieve resource-friendly growth, for example, or helping to drive the industry’s transition to the digital age.

The starting field

You’re up against the best: top graduates who know what it takes to be a leader. How do we know? Our selection process leaves no stone unturned.

A strong crew

Our team will help you wherever possible: An experienced Siemens manager will act as your mentor. You can also rely on our extensive career network. This allows you to focus on what counts: top performance.

What might your assignments look like? Here is one example:

Where I come from:

I was born in Singapore, raised in Melbourne, Australia, and pursued an MBA at INSEAD. The CEO* Program stood out among others with its individually crafted journeys, strong mentorship, and leadership training opportunities. I was delighted to continue my learning journey after the MBA with such an excellent program!


How the CEO* Program supports me on this path:

On one of my assignments, I led a team to create and set up a new business portfolio line. My task: to increase Siemens’ revenue and market share through strategic retrofitting of competitor installations. This project required strategic drive and execution as well as strong collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. The most exciting experience was to present this on stage at a Business Unit Management Conference alongside the CEO.

Your qualification

Ready to start?

In sports, talent and favorable starting conditions help, but what really matters is willpower and perseverance. The Chief Executive Opportunity Program (CEO* Program) is no different. If you think you meet our requirements and want to accept the challenge, we’d be delighted to receive your application. As you will be placed in a home harbor, please let us know your preference for either Digital Industries, Mobility or Smart Infrastructure.
Selecting participants

What to expect from our application process?

The application process for the CEO* Program is designed to give you ample opportunity to show us your best. We have shortened the process to four steps. This lets us give you an optimal experience as a qualified candidate.
Any questions?

What else do I need to know?

Frequently asked questions about the CEO* Program

We are looking for ambitious, globally-minded leaders with strong academic and professional backgrounds. Only a few candidates per year will be selected to participate in the rigorous 24-month rotational leadership program.

The program is more than a development opportunity; it’s a way to accelerate your international management career at Team Siemens. We are looking to develop our future general managers and diversify our leadership team with highly talented individuals who have strong global career aspirations. 

You will work on three strategic, international projects. Each assignment is fitted to your professional area of expertise and personal development needs. You will have ample opportunity to demonstrate your personal leadership skills and work closely with top Siemens executives. In addition, you will receive guidance from the Siemens leadership team and the CEO* Program team. 

There is no specific starting date. Each selected candidate will be able to work with the program team to arrange an individual starting date. 

Generally, we accept applications throughout the year. However, depending on the business school from which you are applying, there are dates by which to apply during peak application periods.

Please submit your resume and a cover letter. If you have further documents, feel free to include them as well. 

Feedback is generally provided within five business days of us receiving your application.

Due to a high number of applications, we are unfortunately not able to connect you with current participants or alums of the CEO* Program before you apply. However, we will gladly connect you to them once you have proceeded in the interview process. 

Yes. As the CEO* Program requirements are very specific, the program is not for everyone. However, Siemens has plenty of other challenging positions, and we encourage you to explore these opportunities on our Siemens Global Jobs & Careers site. Please keep in mind that you will need to submit a new application. 

No, you do not need to organize a visa or work permit on your own. Our goal is to make your start as easy as possible, so we will organize everything you need as part of a unique service. This service includes a visa or work permit in the specific country you will be working in. This way, you can fully concentrate on your onboarding process without having to worry about any bureaucratic issues.


Any more questions?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just send us an e-mail. Our team here in the program office will be happy to help. You can also find information about the #CEOProgram on LinkedIn.