CyberMinds Academy

Do you want to be part of this journey and help us fighting against Hacker attacks?

If you are passionate about cybersecurity, we are looking for you!


Cybersecurity team has established a program where Junior talent without prior cybersecurity professional experience will develop and expand their knowledge and experience.


CyberMinds Academy is a 1-year program located in 4 geographies (Portugal, Spain, Germany and Mexico) that provides theoretical and practical security training through industry-leading certification courses. The program begins with Cybersecurity fundamentals and then specializes in the different areas of cybersecurity such as Penetration Testing.


CyberMinds Academy aims for:

  • Learning of specific skills
  • Experience in the different areas of cybersecurity
  • Understanding cybersecurity in the context of business in a fast pace

CyberMinds Academy will have a pilot program starting in May 2022 specialized in Penetration Testing. Be a Pioneer and join our Pilot Program.

A program that transforms Junior talent into Cybersecurity Specialists.

What are the next steps?

Our 1 year program 

What are the benefits of CyberMinds Academy?

What do you need to be part of this journey?

We are looking for people passionate about cybersecurity, specifically about Penetration Testing.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems, Information Technology (IT), Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics or other technical/IT field.
  • Knowledge in Penetration Testing simulation will be a plus.
  • Interest to learn and work with International Cybersecurity Experts.
  • Based in Spain, Portugal, Germany or Mexico.
  • Cybersecurity professional experience is not required.


You can apply now. Just click on the registration button and follow the steps.

CyberMinds Academy will have two editions during the year 2022. First edition will start in May 2022 and is specialized in Penetration Testing. Second edition will start in October 2022 and will include all the different areas of cybersecurity.

  • Cybersecurity Fundamentals
  • Offensive Security
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Introduction to Web Application
  • SQL Injection Fundamentals
  • Many others

CyberMinds Academy will offer industry-leading certification courses. In addition, it is also available mentoring, individual coaching, challenges and masterclasses.

CyberMinds Academy has only 4 hubs at this stage, you can only be part of the program if you are based in Portugal, Spain, Germany or Mexico.


Any more questions?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just send us an email. Our team here in the Program Office will be happy to help.