Can you help us fight back against cyber attacks?

Our groundbreaking technologies require powerful protection at all times. Do you have what it takes to defend our work against hackers, criminals and cyber-terrorists?
Data protection and information guardianship

Let’s create security solutions for the Industry 4.0 revolution

We’re pushing the boundaries in often uncharted sectors like the Internet of things, big data analytics, artificial intelligence and cloud technologies. These innovations come with unpredictable security challenges, and we’re looking for the brightest minds who can help us protect our data, systems and infrastructure.


Join our team of talented IT specialists from around the world and create cutting-edge security solutions for our software platforms like Synalytics, MindSphere, Railigent and Kairos. Together with key industry players like AWS, IBM, Azure and Oracle you’ll help to transform the IT security landscape with your ideas, concepts and problem-solving ability.

Our People

Reducing risk: how cybersecurity future-proofs our lives

Global Industrial Cyber & Digital Security expert, Dana Tran, has witnessed the consequences of hacking at first-hand, now she’s using her experience and preparing to future-proof industry from an evolving cyber landscape.   Dana is one of a growing team working with Siemens’ energy sector to troubleshoot their IT security networks and processes and lead industry’s fight to deal with large-scale cyberattacks. The work of Dana and her team, means they’re developing innovative products and services to keep not only business, but our society as a whole safe from hackers.   Read her story and discover how you can work with the brightest minds to protect our digital infrastructure as part of the Siemens Cybersecurity team.


Let’s build a safer digital society

Wherever there is IT, we need security

We’re looking for smart, creative problem solvers who can quickly adapt to new challenges. Help us build the security infrastructure that’s necessary to protect our own data and the digital assets of our customers. You’ll work with diverse, highly skilled teams across the globe, constantly expand your knowledge and help build a secure digital environment for our society.

Together with our cybersecurity experts, you’ll perform a wide variety of tasks – for example:

  • Develop cloud-capable security to protect digital data, applications and systems
  • Find and resolve security weaknesses early on to minimize risks from the very beginning
  • Collaborate with our data specialists and develop security intelligence that helps our business units to constantly improve their services
  • Help us to make our product development cycle as secure as possible – from technical concepts to the finished products
  • Work with our cybersecurity auditors, who take the role of real attackers in order to identify and exploit security flaws in our systems
  • Divert any attempts to use ransomware

Join the team

Ready for any threat

We provide comprehensive security around the world so you can work for us, wherever you are. At Siemens, we employ extensive security measures so that you can work with us from anywhere in the world. We’re looking for dedicated IT specialists, with a particular interest in cybersecurity. Ideally, you’ll have completed an apprenticeship or studied IT security, but we’ll also consider those with less experience. We believe in big ideas and work hard to turn these ideas into real, tangible benefits. So, if you would you like to play a part in the digital revolution, join us.