Digital twin drives innovation in intralogistics

The e-commerce wave is unstoppable. Intralogistics expert Beumer Group GRZ GmbH is looking to change the intralogistics game by combining tried and tested sorting systems with 21st century digital solutions.

Almost one in every five retail items sold worldwide are purchased online. Global internet sales in 2022 alone are expected to reach $5.5 trillion. This tsunami of orders poses a problem for fulfillment centers and retailers, who are desperate to find a convenient way to sort, sequence, store, and convey thousands and thousands of items, every single day. 


Austrian-based intralogistics company Beumer Group GRZ GmbH believes that their offering – the pouch sorter system – is the answer. The company spent the last years developing new bag sorting systems. In their quest for more efficient ways to redesign, improve, and test their products, they found the Tecnomatix Plant Simulation.

Pushing the envelope on tried and tested sorters

Pocket sorter systems are nothing new per se, having been in use for decades in the garment industry. What makes them especially relevant today are their space-saving design – the ceiling-mounted conveyor and the individually hung pouches – as well as the way that they streamline picking, singulating, and consolidating pieces. With the right algorithm, pocket sorting systems can pick individual orders and sequence them with up to 100% accuracy. This makes it easier not only for packing and shipping, but also for integrating returned goods into the process.

Anticipating and eliminating problems in advance

"Our technology is different," explains Managing Director Adrian Kachelmaier. The differences start with the selection and dimensioning of running rails, cross beams, drives, and continues with the systematic process control, for which they rely on Tecnomatix Plant Simulation. The company wants to continue pushing the envelope, however, aiming for heavier loads and more optimized processing.

To test their ideas, they built a digital twin of their plant using Tecnomatix. The software simulation helps quantify and localize potential bottlenecks. It highlights problematic zones where lanes merge, indicates which routes are heavily loaded, and indicates the maximum number of units a system can take on. "By knowing all the processes, we can adapt the technology precisely to the requirements and plan, design, and build very accurately," Adrian Kachelmaier continues. "We can specifically identify and eliminate problem areas before they first occur in a real plant, which customers appreciate.”

Breaking new ground with digitalization

“We believe that it is our mission to advance the expansive market of pouch sorting systems with innovative systems solutions. Digitalization and simulation form the foundation for breaking this new ground,” Adrian Kachelmaier concludes. With this pioneering mindset and Siemens’ intelligent digital solutions, the Beumer Group GRZ GmbH takes pouch sorting to the next level so that fulfillment centers and retailers the world over can safely ride the e-commerce wave and land on solid ground.


July 2022

Beumer Group is an international leader in the manufacture of intralogistics systems for conveying, loading, palletizing, packaging, sorting and distribution. With 5,100 employees in more than 70 countries, Beumer Group offers intralogistic solutions for conveying, loading, palletising, packaging, sortation and baggage handling. Beumer was founded in 1935, is independent and privately owned in the 3rd generation.

Beumer Group

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