Digital warehouses for the future

The growing e-commerce industry and express delivery concept in India has led to high demand of automated intralogistics solutions to improve operational speed and efficiency. Addverb Technologies creates differentiated warehousing solutions that help deliver products to end consumers in the fastest way possible. Siemens’ Digital Enterprise portfolio has helped achieve Addverb’s vision.

When Addverb was established, its founders had a mission: to improve the efficiency and accuracy of intralogistics operations, to deliver quick returns on investments for its customers, to reduce the time to market for its end products and uncover new business models focusing on more margins and profitability.


“In the Indian context, the biggest challenge that we faced was there is no support system. Siemens is an extended R&D arm for us,” says Sangeet Kumar, CEO and Co-founder of Addverb Technologies. “Their experience over the years across the world has helped us in designing and manufacturing which has led to reduced commissioning time, improved efficiency and seamless integration of all software and hardware.”


A team from Siemens Digital Industries stepped in with exactly the software and hardware Addverb required to become a Digital Enterprise.

A diverse team of experts in automation and software pre-empted Addverb’s need for automated warehouses and provided them with the Digital Enterprise portfolio through the entire value chain. Siemens’ automation equipment is used in Addverb’s products like pellets and carton shuttle, AGVs, sorting robots and AS/RS (Automated Storage / Retrieval System). The software portfolio enabled Addverb to develop a Digital Twin to design, simulate, integrate, and validate their entire portfolio.

An end-to-end Digital Enterprise hardware & software

Siemens solutions have enabled Addverb to seamlessly integrate the entire value chain from design to realization, while optimizing with a continuous flow of data.

  • The Integrated Drives systems including Sinamics drives – Sinamics G120C, Sinamics S210 with Simotics S-1FG1 compact servo geared motors offer greater system efficiency with high power density enable a lean, high-capacity system design.
  • Simatic operating control and monitoring systems of Simatic PLCs, HMI panels and Simatic sensors offer high scalability and networking capacity permitting a simple and profitable combination of AI algorithms and PLC logic.
  • Communication based on Industrial Ethernet – via WLAN and Profinet allows flexible topologies and smooth integration by simple exchange of interface modules. The SCALANCE W721-1 RJ45 client ensures no communication loss occurs from the Central Control system (WCS) to products.
  • NX Mechatronics Concept Designer allows Addverb to flexibly design the digital twins that act as prototypes of their products so that they can deliver right to market, first time. Complete virtual commissioning of the product, simulation and validation of mechanical system behavior is done using the software.
  • Tecnomatix Plant Simulation helps Addverb to explore and optimize logistics systems and their processes. The models created allow analysis of material flow, resource utilization and logistics for all levels of manufacturing planning.
  • Teamcenter acts as the central system for Addverb that database that connects people and processes including 3D designs, electronics, embedded software, documentation, and departments, such as manufacturing, quality and service.
  • Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) an automation software provides Addverb with a flexible and networked approach to integrate the complete range of digitalized automation for transparent operations. 

Combining the real and digital worlds

These and further technologies from Siemens allow Addverb to maintain both product quality and customer satisfaction. For one, by shortening the time to market: with centralized control over data, products can be developed more quickly. 

The digital model saves a lot of time and energy and also gives my team the confidence to go to the market
Satish Sharma, chief manager R&D, Virtual Commissioning & Mobile Robotics, Addverb Technologies

When it comes to new sites, Addverb has reduced commissioning times. “When a product is required in the market, we use Siemens platforms to build a virtual model to validate if the model is going to perform and behave in the expected manner,” says Satish Sharma, chief manager R&D, Virtual Commissioning & Mobile Robotics. “The digital model saves a lot of time and energy and also gives my team the confidence to go to the market and use the logics and controllers as we have seen virtually.” 


An enabler here is the Digital Twin that allow issues to be worked out virtually in the planning phases. 

The digital twin enables optimization in the virtual world before the findings are implemented in the real world, enabling a new world of intralogistics possibilities. Addverb was able to harness the data by gaining valuable insights to make fast and confident decisions to create best-in-class products through efficient production achieving:

  • improved efficiency by 20%
  • reduced commissioning time from twelve months to less than six months
  • shortened development stage of product offerings via virtual commissioning with SIMIT
  • seamless integration and simulation of their Warehouse Management System (IT) with the virtual production system
We want to be a billion-dollar company in the next five, six years and without the help of Siemens it isn't possible.
Sangeet Kumar, CEO and Co-Founder of Addverb Technologies

Digitalization as an enabler for growth

With these technologies in place, Addverb is set to continue its growth trajectory. Currently, the company is expanding 15 percent year over year. A major milestone was the opening of a factory in Noida, in the country’s north, where AGVs, shuttles, and other components are being manufactured.


"We started with a hundred thousand US dollars and five people and we will be closing this year at 70 million US dollars. We want to be a billion-dollar company in the next five, six years and without the help of Siemens it isn’t possible,” claims Sangeet Kumar.

What’s next for Addverb? The company’s managers want to expand to European markets. Of course, they want to grow at home too and continue to participate in India’s rapidly rising warehouse and logistics industry. By using Siemens technologies, the company will be at home wherever it does business.


June 2022

Addverb Technologies was founded in 2016 in Noida, India. The company provides intralogistics automation solutions based on industry 4.0 technologies. Addverb's services include automated guided vehicles, pallet shuttle, robotics and industrial IOT assistance. They integrate operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) to design and implement warehousing solutions that improve the efficiency and accuracy of the intralogistics operation.


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