Smart water solutions for Greek city of Larissa

In the current era of climate change, intelligent water management is fundamental for the vitality of a city. For the Greek city of Larissa, smart water solutions are proving to be the most sustainable option. To meet 21st century needs, municipal water company DEYAL has embraced advanced 21st century technologies.


Despite its proximity to the Pineios River, the historic city of Larissa in the Greek province of Thessaly has always had a precarious relationship to water. Today, its 250,000 inhabitants and farmers in the greater area utilize 18 million cubic meters of water every year. To keep up with ever-increasing demand, Larissa’s municipal water company DEYAL have had to continuously optimize its infrastructure. As the effects of urbanization increased demand of water supply and efficiency

came to the fore, the operator invested heavily in Siemens intelligent automation solutions, digitalizing its operations and bringing its water management systems into the 21st century.

Digitalizing irrigation

Just as in the rest of Greece, most of Larissa’s water is used in agriculture. “Digitalization is central to the success of water management within Thessaly,” Ilias Boufikos, DEYAL’s head of Engineering of Technical Services, explains. DEYAL manages 18 pump stations that irrigate approximately 3,700 acres of farmland. Each farmer is assigned a unique Simatic RFID card, which monitors and reports water use. “This technology has reduced both water and energy consumption by half in the last years,” says Ilias Boufikos.

Irrigating Larissa’ public parks and green areas is likewise DEYAL’s domain. Simatic technology measures and monitors weather-related data around the city so that controllers can adapt park care and irrigation flexibly, with minimum waste.

Ensuring safe drinking water

Larissa’s public water come from 33 wells on the outskirts of the city; it is transported to town by pumps equipped with Sinamics drives and continually monitored by Simatic PLCs. DEYAL measures water flow, level, and pressure and monitor chlorine and PH levels with Sitrans instruments to ensure that residents can enjoy safe, high-quality drinking water.

Smart, efficient solutions

Water pumps run 24/7, 365 days a year. With Siemens’ specially developed SIWA Optim software, DEYAL is maximizing its operational efficiency. The smart application takes the architecture of the water networks, consumer demand, the different electricity tariffs, pump, and tank availability and capacity, as well as operational state into account to calculate and determine the optimal pumping schedule for the next 24 hours.

Operators no longer need to worry about which is the most efficient pump to use or whether a tank is full enough. SIWA Optim’s powerful software takes the latest data and can even adjust its action in response to unexpected occurrences. DEYAL has peace of mind, knowing that the city’s water supply is secure.

Technology for sustainability

“Siemens’ advanced digital automation solutions take our water management the next level,” Ilias Boufikos says. “Its smart technology and integrated functionality ensure that we can sustainably manage Larissa’s water for its citizens for a long time.”

“Larissa and water – their history goes back thousands of years,” says Spyridon Lakkas, Siemens Greece's vertical sales manager Water & Waste Water. “As a technology provider, we can only be proud to be part of the city’s continuing tradition of advancing progress.” 


May 2022