Artificial intelligence boosts maintenance efficiency

Top shot of Hayat plant

The paper industry is heavily driven by increasing efficiency to manage cost and sustainability challenges. Hayat, one of the world’s largest branded diaper manufacturers, decided to tackle this challenge directly at the heart of their plant – their drive systems – with Predictive Services, Artificial Intelligence and expert know-how from Siemens.

Sustainability drives the paper industry

The need for packaging is growing all over the world, along with tissue papers, and pulp for hygiene products. With the increasing demand on high quality, sustainable and affordable products the paper industry has faced several challenges in recent years, including rising prices for raw materials, new consumer trends such as the demand for more convenience and finding opportunities to increase the efficiency of their production.

To stay competitive in this fast-growing consumer goods sector, many companies are searching for opportunities to increase efficiency, starting from the selection of raw materials and packaging to using new innovative production technologies and approaches. The paradox between increasing OPEX e.g., higher prices for raw materials and sustainable products, and the need for keeping the market prices stable, pushes companies to deploy new technologies.

Efficiency optimization is the key for a tissue producer

Founded in 1987, Hayat’s headquarters is located in Turkey, and has subsidiaries in Iran, Egypt, Bulgaria, Algeria, Morocco, Russia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Kenya, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia, and employs nearly 9,000 people today around the world. Hayat Kimya manufactures tissue, hygiene and home care products in 21 plants, and continues its international investments at full speed. They have grown to be the world’s 5th largest branded diaper manufacturer and the largest tissue producer in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Africa.

Hayat and Siemens have been working together for more than 10 years now. Since 2011, Siemens is Hayat’s preferred partner for lifecycle services of their Siemens equipment like motors and drives installed in their Yeniköy factory near Izmit in Turkey. During their cooperation, Siemens Service experts worked closely together with Hayat’s service technicians to optimize their maintenance schedules, retrofit their drive systems and thus reduce downtime to a minimum.



Digital transformation based on a holistic approach

Each digitalization project needs a holistic approach and way forward to exploit all the possible opportunities that digitalization offers. Starting with setting the right direction, implementing the technology and further optimizing the actual operation. All this is part of the Siemens holistic approach towards digitalization: Consulting, Implementation and Optimization.


Based on a target setting workshop with Hayat’s technical plant manager, Siemens Service experts conducted a site visit to collect all necessary information. The goal was to gain all the necessary transparency on technical details and infrastructure. After collecting all the information, an expert report with all the recommended actions and details was handed over to Hayat.

A successful start with promising results

As a starting point for Hayat’s digital transformation of the maintenance process, the newly installed low voltage motor on the fan application was a perfect choice. It was not just the most critical one within Hayat’s production process, it also was replaced during an energy efficiency audit in 2019 and provided optimized energy efficiency. Various vibration sensors were installed and the MindConnect Nano was used to connect the motor to MindSphere, the Siemens IoT solution, where all the magic happens.

After successful commissioning all the critical parameters needed to be defined and set up in MindSphere. This was done with the help of the MindSphere app Predictive Service Assistance which is an essential part of the Siemens Predictive Services offering. The application uses artificial intelligence to optimize maintenance efficiency of drive systems. All the upcoming maintenance tasks, necessary spare parts and operating parameters are just one click away.

What I really like about the Predictive Service Assistance app is that it shows me all the information which I need: Fast, easy and on the point.
Lütfi Aydin, Global Tissue Production Director at Hayat

Artificial intelligence meets real expertise

And this is not the whole story. We all know that it is not just about setting everything up, but about achieving optimized availability, efficiency, and productivity during the actual operation. That’s why Hayat also relies on the long-term know-how of our Siemens Service experts. All gathered data points are also evaluated by them on a regular basis and recommendations on service and maintenance tasks are provided within an expert report.

This enables Hayat to use the best of both worlds: Transparency on upcoming maintenance tasks, spare parts and critical operation parameters based on an innovative AI module and the know-how of our Siemens Service experts to optimize their maintenance processes based on long term-expertise.

Recently one outcome of the continuous monitoring was that a critical motor condition could be identified. The connected motor showed some higher vibration levels which was recognized by the AI module and an alert was sent out to Hayat’s maintenance personnel. One call later, the Siemens Service experts dug deeper into the provided analytics and the vibration curve pointed to an upcoming bearing fault and misalignment.

Cost savings thanks to next-level maintenance

With Predictive Services we were able to enhance the availability by 10% in the first year. Just because we knew exactly when we have to perform our maintenance tasks and what we have to do.
Lütfi Aydin, Global Tissue Production Director at Hayat

And these concrete numbers convinced Hayat that they were on the right path towards their digital transformation. In 2020, another 51 low-voltage motors were replaced by new state-of-the-art motors out of the current Siemens portfolio and in a second phase 28 of them were connected to MindSphere. This could be easily done, since a SIMOTICS CONNECT 400 is already attached to each new motor.

Data points of more than 30 operating motors are currently transferred to MindSphere and evaluated by the new AI module and the know-how of Siemens Service experts. "Collecting and analyzing relevant data does not just help Hayat to keep their production up and running, it also enables us to use those insights for further development of our AI module." says one of Siemens' Data Scientists.

In the coming years more of Hayat’s factories are on the top of the list to get connected and monitored. Lütfi Aydin, Paper Group Director at Hayat Holding, puts Hayat’s vision in a nutshell:

Together with Siemens as our partner we will put our maintenance processes onto a next level and eliminate unplanned downtime costs from our agenda.
Lütfi Aydin, Global Tissue Production Director at Hayat