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Spanish water technology and plant engineering company ACCIONA Agua relies on digital solutions for its plants and equipment so that industry, agriculture, and municipalities can use the precious resource efficiently and sustainably.

Water – not every nation on earth has this precious lifeblood available at high quality. Acquiring and treating this most essential of resources can be a demanding task if the world's population is to be reliably supplied with high-quality water.

Madrid-based ACCIONA Agua is committed to this precise goal. The Spanish company plans, builds, and operates plants worldwide for water production and desalination and for wastewater treatment. The digital twin simplifies and accelerates numerous processes, from development to the ongoing operation of the plants. 

Seamless flow of information

As a platform for centralized engineering and data management, the comprehensive Comos software solution from Siemens provides ACCIONA Agua with a uniform, continuously updated database for planning its plants and equipment. Digital models can be created of every plant and its individual systems in the engineering phase and subsequently used to optimize commissioning, operation, and maintenance. ACCIONA Agua can also ensure a seamless flow and exchange of project-related data and information between all enterprise levels and across all lifecycle phases. 

Uniform and efficient

Julio Zorrilla Velasco, head of construction at ACCIONA Agua, is extremely pleased with this solution for planning and operating the plants they build: "Using Comos, we can optimally link various workflows and information, enabling us to work more quickly and efficiently overall. What's more, combining Comos with the Simatic PCS 7 process control system and a scalable SCADA solution gives us a uniform infrastructure for operating plants both flexibly and reliably – and we can retrofit existing plants with this solution, too.”  

In combination with the Simatic PCS 7 process control system and a scalable SCADA solution this gives us a uniform infrastructure for operating plants both flexibly and reliably.
Julio Zorrilla Velasco, head of construction at ACCIONA Agua

Faster handover to customers

Comos and the digital twin allow plants to be virtually commissioned so that bugs and errors can be identified and eliminated earlier, thereby accelerating project implementation and simultaneously bringing down costs.


Laura Gallego Ródenas, project lead at ACCIONA Agua, is really impressed by the rapid performance of commissioning. "We use a simulation tool during the planning process to test the automation and process control system. Simulation with Simit speeds up commissioning, and we're able to hand over the completed plant to the customer faster.”


Maria Muelbaier


A recent ACCIONA Agua project for drinking water treatment constructed in Morocco, was one of only three projects worldwide honored by the Global Intelligence Organization. The project was shortlisted for the "Smart Water Project of the Year 2018" Global Water Award. In this category, the organization recognizes projects that most effectively harnessed digital solutions to achieve excellence in water or wastewater management.

“On a global scale, the water industry is facing huge and pressing challenges. New plants must be designed and commissioned rapidly, and existing plants must operate as efficiently and productively as possible.  With solutions like our Comos software, we provide an answer to the challenge of managing engineering and operational data and keeping it well maintained throughout the entire plant lifecycle. It both speeds up the design and construction of new plants and supports the maintenance and optimization of existing ones. We create true added value by integrating data.”

Markus Lade, head of Water and Wastewater, Siemens AG

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