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Efficiency served right

Brau Union relies on the SIMATIC Energy Manager
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With a comprehensive energy management solution, Brau Union Österreich AG promotes an efficient and sustainable use of resources in its breweries.




Best Practice for greater energy efficiency

Breweries must use a lot of energy in their processes to give their products the necessary maturity and flavor. Brau Union Österreich AG uses a cross-plant and high-performance software solution for energy monitoring and management to improve energy efficiency and to implement process optimizations and to comply with the requirements of the Federal Energy Efficiency Law (EEffG).

The goal: Cross-plant energy management with a scalable layout.

Energy efficiency has been a target at Brau Union Österreich for decades, explains Engineer Johann Hölzl, head of process automation at Brau Union Österreich. For more than three decades, he has been concerned with the consistent increase of energy efficiency at the Wieselburg brewery. He is currently working with his team in a project that involves implementing a solution for the automatic recording and evaluation of the media and energy flows – initially at the Wieselburg production site. Later on, other company sites are planned to become part of the system, starting with the breweries in Zipf, Schwechat, Göss, Puntigam.

Brau Union Österreich AG

Celebrating Austrian beer culture

For Brau Union Österreich AG, beer is much more than a beverage, it is part of the cultural heritage. The company sees itself as an outstanding pillar of Austria's beer culture and promote social and environmental responsibility, for the benefit of all.

Bound by tradition, committed to the future.

Brau Union Österreich produces more than 5.0 million hectoliters of beer annually – with thirteen leading brands of beer, more than 100 types of beer, and ongoing innovations. Brau Union Österreich has been part of the international HEINEKEN family since 2003. 2,500 employees in Austria ensure that around 49,000 customers and millions of beer lovers throughout the country are supplied with beer. It goes without saying that Brau Union Österreich relies on the best raw materials, the highest quality standards and sustainable production – both in the areas of environment and society. In keeping with the HEINEKEN strategy of "Brewing a better world", Brau Union Österreich has clear sustainability goals, says Johann Hölzl: until the year 2030 are very precisely defined and include, among other things, striving for the global reduction of production-related CO2 emissions by 80 percent compared to the reference year 2008." A comprehensive energy management system is part of this strategy.

We need a cross-plant energy management system which allows easy data recording and standardized reporting.
Eng. Johann Hölzl, Process Automation & IT SC OpCo, Brau Union Österreich AG
The solution in detail

Energy transparency and efficiency by design

As production capacity is constantly expanded, the corresponding supply networks in breweries are mostly very complex and thus are not ideal for strategic measures for increasing efficiency. However, the current brewery in Wieselburg, although founded in 1770, was completely rebuilt in 1973, so it is essentially a greenfield plant and is thus easier to manage. This is why Brau Union chose Wieselburg as the pilot site for the new energy management system SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO.

More energy efficiency thanks to SIMATIC Energy Management

With the SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO, Brau Union is, for the first time, using a standardized tool which is powerful and scalable and meets the expectations in regard to handling and future capabilities. In the first step, around 1,000 measuring points have been defined and evenly distributed throughout the five sites. "If we later see a roll out at other sites, they can be seamlessly and easily integrated due to the scalable program layout of the SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO," explains Johann Hölzl. To integrate data acquisition points into the system, the low-voltage main distribution boards are retrofitted with SENTRON PAC 3200 power meters. The values are acquired by the Energy Manager in 15-minute cycles via Modbus/TCP to match the data intervals of the power utilities’ energy data acquisition. In addition, the production data of the machine data acquisition system SIMATIC IT (MES) from Siemens that was recorded by process technology is written back into the controllers and read into the energy management system for the evaluation of the batch-related use of energy. "This too functions automatically, adding to the operational benefits of the software," says Johann Hölzl. Other meters whose automation is correspondingly time-consuming and costly are manually recorded and added to the system in the first step of the project. To this end, Siemens offers the SIMATIC Energy Manager app, which conveniently allows the use of smartphones for mobile data acquisition.

Our maintenance staff are equipped with mobile devices they can use to conveniently collect data for the energy management system.
MSc Michael Steiger, Technical Service, Brau Union Österreich AG
Customer benefits

Efficient and standardized energy management

Brau Union benefits in several ways from the SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO: A harmonized visualization for production and energy management can be generated from the integrated, standardized acquisition of current energy flows, consumption data can easily be assigned to units, departments or cost centers, and the acquisition and the designation structure for energy and water meters have been standardized.

Detailed analyses help to increase energy efficiency

The comprehensive data and consumption analyses allow for improved energy transparency, which is indispensable for energy savings. Unlike in the past, detailed analyses are now possible, such as the evaluation of low-temperature heat dissipation, the optimization of the compressed air system, the monitoring of additional units, and the adapted or controlled operation of ventilation systems. To this end, web clients of the Energy Manager PRO provide all of the necessary information to the energy manager of the respective brewery. The underlying energy data is acquired in breweries distributed throughout Austria and archived in a central server of the Brau Union Österreich head office in Linz. "This allows us to remain autonomous in terms of data and to maintain the necessary proximity to production," explains Johann Hölzl.

Product highlights

Integrated energy management with SIMATIC

With SIMATIC Energy Management, Brau Union Österreich AG is relying on a powerful, versatile and scalable portfolio of systems and products for energy management. This allows for the implementation of pioneering solutions that also meet the requirements of ISO 50001.

SIMATIC Energy Manager

  • Lower operating costs, optimize energy procurement, and comply with legal requirements 
  • Scalable, TÜV-certified solution for ISO 50001-compliant energy management for industry
  • SIMATIC Energy Manager Basic for a simple way of getting started with energy management
  • SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO for comprehensive, ISO-compliant energy management
  • SIMATIC Energy Manager V1.0 app for IOS and Android for mobile recording of non-networked consumption data
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