Treatment Plant 4.0 Energy Management

A digitalization stream for Treatment Plant 4.0

Siemens and Acciona technology will be used to save Canal de Isabel II 15% in terms of energy consumption and reduce CO₂ emissions by over 10%.

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What is a Treatment Plant 4.0?

A Treatment Plant 4.0 (sometimes referred to by the Spanish acronym EDAR) is a wastewater treatment plant. These facilities use the very latest technology to:

  • Control
  • Monitor
  • Simulate

processes, communications and energy management. This enables the optimization of energy consumption and the whole plant is made more efficient.

A success story

Treatment Plant 4.0 benefits

Siemens and Acciona technology will help reduce costs for Canal de Isabel II and make wastewater treatment plants more sustainable and efficient.

How can a treatment plant be made more efficient and sustainable?

Acciona is a leader in the water treatment sector. The company has been contracted to manage and service 15 of the Canal de Isabel II water treatment plants.


Canal de Isabel II wanted a solution that made its wastewater treatment plants more efficient and sustainable.

Acciona contacted Siemens, a trusted partner for many years, as it meets all the company’s requirements: versatile, simple and effective installation.

Treatment Plant 4.0 benefits

The least polluting kW is the one that is not used!

Energy is one of the most significant costs for a water treatment plant. This type of facility operates continuously to offer users the best possible service. To achieve this, it is crucial to adopt technology that can reduce energy consumption while simultaneously guaranteeing maximum operating efficiency for the equipment used.


Digital technology can present a number of advantages for water treatment plants. Treatment Plant 4.0 (EDAR 4.0) systems can collect and analyze information from equipment and provide suggestions on how to improve the facility as a whole.


One excellent example of this is SIMATIC Energy Manager Pro (EnMPRO). This Siemens digital solution is used to manage energy efficiently. Siemens Edge Computing technology is used to recompile and process data sent by hundreds of systems to the EnMPRO cloud server. The processed information can be analyzed in a simple and intuitive way using any device on which the Siemens Energy Manager app has been installed.

Canal de Isabel II has made energy savings of over 15%, and its CO₂ emissions are down by more than 10%.

Treatment Plant 4.0 features

Acciona and Canal de Isabel II made good use of various Siemens products to create the most innovative water treatment plant in the sector, thanks to the reliability of Siemens technology.

100% cybersecurity

Acciona and Canal de Isabel II reap all the benefits of using SCALANCE routers and the Sinema RC secure remote access management platform. These solutions meet the cybersecurity standards set by Canal de Isabel II. 


All the information processed by the tool can be analyzed easily from any device using the Siemens Energy Manager app.

Data is collected and preprocessed by Siemens IPC 227E Nanoboxes that support EDGE Computing functions to complete the task.

95% reliability with SITOP

If a facility doesn’t receive power, it shuts down. This can be a major problem and produce machine faults and system restarts that increase costs.


It is therefore vital to have fault-free power supplies that can handle any kind of emergency and meet a variety of requirements. SITOP power supplies are designed to do just that.

Process automation with heavy-duty systems

It is essential to be able to rely on equipment that can automate several different processes and guarantee total reliability.


Acciona and Canal de Isabel II chose SIMATIC as the key control system for the job. CPUs in the SIMATIC S7-400 and S7-1500 range were used.

Energy management to reduce costs

SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO adds additional functions for fully integrated ISO compliant energy management. The software is user-compatible and produces detailed reports, recording and displaying performance indicators and figures on consumption. The tool can also be used to calculate performance indicators for more complex situations. 


EnMPRO can also be used to analyze consumption and generate energy consumption predictions for certain batches or materials. Various automation systems can be integrated through numerous interfaces.

HMI panels are used for error-free data display.

HMI panels display information in real time, with easy-to-interpret graphs showing the status of the motor, valve, levels and other process parameters. They provide information on how a process is running in order to control and optimize product and process targets. 


The Siemens HMI panels in Treatment Plant 4.0 display totally reliable, quality data for every piece of equipment.


Thanks to the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system, the treatment plant can adapt to various flow variations and expand to meet demand as required.

The customer’s opinion

A question of trust

A technological alliance to improve water treatment.

Acciona and Canal de Isabel II put their trust in Siemens digital technology.

Going forward, Acciona will continue to explore digital solutions for the water sector with Siemens. Two prime examples of this are the Digital Twin based on Siemens SIMIT software, and SIMATIC control systems developed for a desalination plant in the Middle East.


For Acciona, the Treatment Plant 4.0 project was a big step forward in the right direction. Canal de Isabel II is now considering adopting similar solutions in the rest of its infrastructures. The idea is to exploit all the potential of generating electricity from the water cycle, with powerful infrastructure management tools capable of handling huge amounts of data in real time.

Acciona’s opinion

Acciona is a leader in the water treatment sector. The company designs, builds and operates drinking water treatment plants, wastewater treatment facilities, tertiary treatment wastewater recycling facilities and reverse osmosis desalination plants.

Having access to data and full system availability lets us optimize processes every day, which generates benefits for us within a short space of time. Technologically speaking, we have made a huge leap forward with just one update.
Amador Rancaño – Head of O&M, Water Treatment

Canal de Isabel II’s opinion

Canal de Isabel II is a company that goes back 160 years. It is a leader in the sector, an entirely public company that manages every stage of the municipal water cycle for the City of Madrid. The company has always aspired to innovation and efficiency.

With this project, Canal de Isabel II intends to become energy self-sufficient. We want to bring the best possible water to residents in Madrid and treat the city’s wastewater in an efficient and sustainable way. The least polluting kW is the one that is not used!
Miguel Ángel Gálvez – Deputy Director Water Treatment and the Environment, Canal de Isabel II

Our experts are always looking for the best solution!

Siemens is well aware water is one of our most valuable resources, and offers a wide range of solutions to make water treatment all the more efficient. Digitalization of the water industry is essential to guarantee sustainability, and the Treatment Plant 4.0 is already a reality.

If something cannot be measured, it cannot be improved. This is why our Energy Manager PRO tool lets you work with total flexibility, monitoring Energy Performance Indicators (EnPIs).
Diego Muñoz – Product Manager, Siemens