Weighing air cargo reliably

At Zurich Airport, Cargologic AG uses weighing technology from Siemens to handle around 600,000 tonnes of air cargo per year.
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Flexibility, reliability and security are all key to success in the air-freight business. These qualities characterize the company Cargologic down to the smallest details, such as the weighing technology used in a platform scale. And it’s just as well, because air-cargo handling involves the management of import, export and transit cargo, as well as security checks, the receipt of exports and also the placement of shipments in temporary or long-term storage. The job of ensuring day after day that all air cargo shipments arrive at their intended destinations requires not only qualified employees, but also reliable and modern technology.


For efficient, extremely tightly planned handling operations, it is essential that cargo properties such as volume and weight are determined precisely, quickly and reliably. For the weighing operations in Zurich, various weighing systems are available. But discontinued load cells and the resulting uncertain supply of spare parts meant the scale had to be completely retrofitted, because an unscheduled outage would have resulted in lasting problems for the meticulously orchestrated logistics chain.


After many successful years of working with Siemens Schweiz AG, Cargologic choose Siemens to provide a solution that would ensure reliable functionality of the platform and guarantee the supply of spare parts for years to come.

The reason we are so successful at Cargologic is because all the parts work together so smoothly. But that requires attention to the smallest detail. Siemens helps us here.
Urs Strupler, responsible for maintenance and supply management at Cargologic

Advantages of a customized solution from Siemens

  • Compact, robust construction of the load cells SIWAREX WL280 with integrated overload protection
  • Easy integration via Modbus
  • No need to retrain operators, as operation and integration in the superordinate warehouse management system are similar to the previous application
  • Intuitive operation
  • Long-term supply of electronic and mechanical spare parts
  • Easy subsequent conversion to a legal-for-trade system
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Would you like to learn more about weighing technology? Have a look at our portfolio.

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