Fill 'Er Up With Sunshine

With its well-tuned solution consisting of powerful and reliable charging technology and intelligent software, Vispiron Charge-V GmbH is paving the way for green mobility.

The project

Green energy for green mobility

How can electric vehicles best be coupled with solar farms? Vispiron Charge-V GmbH has a simple but innovative answer. Thanks to an innovative charging technology, the power generated by solar cells can now be used directly to charge electric vehicles. Three things were especially important to the Munich company for their "green" superchargers: simple operation, easy payment and stable charging.

For electromobility to make sense, it must be supplied by green energy.
Lukas Failer, CTO, Vispiron CHARGE-V GmbH
The solution

Pathway to a green DC charging station

The market for electromobility is on the move. The number of vehicle registrations and charging solution providers are increasing. That is why CTO Lukas Failer's team needed to develop a charging solution that is not only intuitive, convenient and reliable but that could also be marketed quickly. To accomplish this, Vispiron relied on certified components as well as its own expertise.

With the Siemens charge controller, we have a certified stable system. We expect this to save us 50 % of our certification costs.
Lukas Failer, CTO, Vispiron CHARGE-V GmbH
Charging system and components

Scalable solution for charging columns and stations

Coordinated components from the SIMATIC, SENTRON and SIRIUS portfolio enable easy and efficient implementation of modern AC and DC charging stations - from a single charging column to a charging hub with distributed charging points.

Charge controller and components

  • Charging of different vehicle types and classes in conformance with standards
  • Easy-to-configure, space-saving and scalable solutions
  • High-performance components for reliable and safe charging operations
  • Efficient engineering thanks to free application examples
Charging technology and components in e-mobility
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