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Clariant uses an energy management system under ISO 50001 at its Heufeld site to create the basis for ongoing savings and the complete capture of energy consumption.
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Energy management under ISO 50001

Since the Clariant Bruckmühl-Heufeld site has been certified under ISO 50001, the team led by energy manager Michael Stahuber has increasingly concentrated on maximizing the efficient use of energy. Accordingly, together with Siemens, he recently implemented a new energy management system.

Clariant intends to use energy management to verify the success of its efficiency measures.

Energy management has always been an important issue at Heufeld – first of all mainly for cost center assignment and energy purchase. A new requirement arose in 2013: Clariant decided to have all its sites certified under ISO 50001. To obtain and maintain this certification, the Heufeld management decided to implement an appropriate energy management system to record the consumption of electricity and media – such as, compressed air, steam and demineralized water – and document the success of efficiency measures.

Clariant Produkte (Deutschland) GmbH

A traditional site with a future

Heufeld almost inherited chemistry as the history of Bruckmühl began in 1857 with the construction of a chemical factory. Today, production plants still dominate the skyline, even though the name and range of products have changed. Clariant now runs a large research and production facility for catalysts.

Over 300 employees are developing and improving technologies and products.

As a worldwide active specialty chemicals company, Clariant produces additives, surfactants, polymers and pigments for countless applications. One business field includes process catalysts for the chemical and petrochemical industries and battery materials. Clariant has concentrated a large part of its research and production in Heufeld. It manufactures catalysts for the energy-efficient, resource-saving production of chemical products, and for purifying exhaust gases. "Energy efficiency is not only important for our users," explains Michael Stahuber. "On our site, we have already been concerning ourselves with this issue for many years. We have introduced processes for assigning energy costs to the relevant consumers. Initially by reading meters manually and evaluating the values in Excel. However, that has become insufficient to meet the increasing demands to improve energy efficiency. Therefore, we needed a simple, reliable and flexible system for energy management under ISO 50001."

We needed a simple, reliable and flexible energy management system to meet the increasing demands for energy efficiency.
Michael Stahuber, energy manager at Clariant
The solution in detail

Energy management with smart infrastructure

Clariant has launched the SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO system at its site in Bruckmühl-Heufeld. This enables the site to benefit from an existing infrastructure while also providing a solution that can be easily adapted to meet local requirements.

The ISO 5001-compliant system supports many interfaces and also allows manual meter reading.

To implement the system, Michael Stahuber could draw on his experience and an existing infrastructure: Four other sites in Germany are already working with SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO. The energy data management system is implemented in Clariant’s central data center, and all Clariant sites can access it via the corporate LAN. Each site uses this system via its own client and can specify which information is to be visible only locally and which throughout the company. In Heufeld, Michael Stahuber can configure and use the system via two full-featured clients. SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO automatically acquires data through various interfaces, including SENTRON PAC energy meters and the SIMATIC WinCC OA SCADA system. Measured values can also be acquired manually with a tablet. "Siemens in Linz assisted us with the implementation and it is continuing to handle the support and maintenance of the software," adds Stahuber. "Everything else, we can do ourselves: managing and configuring measuring points and cost centers, defining key figures, generating reports, and distributing them to the relevant target groups."

The web interface is very useful for distributing energy reports to the site management and for the energy audit.
Michael Stahuber, energy manager at Clariant
Customer benefits

More up-to-date data, documented savings

SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO not only gives Michael Stahuber greater transparency in the current energy consumption at the site. The system also helps to document the results of efficiency measures and verify them to authorities and management.

Consumption data are quickly available in the system and reports.

SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO collects consumption data for electrical energy and media (e.g. natural gas, steam, compressed air) through currently 200 data points. "We already read a lot of meters and measuring instruments automatically and are continually working to integrate even more measuring points," says Stahuber. "But we will continue to have values that are recorded manually." The SIMATIC Energy Manager app assists employees with their monthly meter reading. Each meter is identified by a QR code. The employee scans this code and enters the measured value. Its plausibility is checked immediately and, after confirmation, is transferred to the energy management system. "This not only means that we make fewer mistakes, the meters are also always read on the last working day of the month, in extreme cases that is up to three days earlier. The system now allows the consumption data to be interpolated to the actual end of the month, so the billing is now considerably more accurate."

The clear display of the consumption data has also impressed the energy audit.

As well as the monthly report for the cost centers, Stahuber can also produce other reports with Energy Manager PRO more easily than before: "No matter whether it's a poster of key energy figures for production, reports for headquarters or the authorities – whenever I have to report energy figures, I can do it quickly and effectively. It is particularly convenient that the system converts the energy figures into the defined unit – kWh, m³ for natural gas, metric tons for steam." Stahuber can also generate an Excel file for the controlling department and transfer it to the ERP system. SIMATIC Energy Manager also allows Stahuber to easily visualize consumption data and savings: "The auditors were impressed during the last energy audit that, instead of a static graphic, we displayed which energy was currently being used for what live in the system." Efficiency measures can also be transparently documented: "We have recently modernized the control of the steam boilers to save around 50,000 m³ of natural gas and 60,000 kWh of electricity per annum. With the new system we could document how much this investment is saving us and verify the figures against the planning. That makes the energy savings apparent."

Product highlights

ISO 50001-compliant energy management with SIMATIC

With SIMATIC Energy Management, Clariant benefits at Heufeld and other sites from an ISO 50001-compliant energy management system for acquiring, preparing and managing energy data, and drawing up an energy balance and billing and reporting it.

SIMATIC Energy Manager

  • Lower operating costs, optimize energy procurement, and comply with legal requirements
  • Scalable, TÜV-certified solution for ISO 50001-compliant energy management for industry
  • SIMATIC Energy Manager Basic for a simple way of getting started with energy management
  • SIMATIC Energy Manager PRO for comprehensive, ISO-compliant energy management
  • SIMATIC Energy Manager V1.0 app for IOS and Android for mobile recording of non-networked consumption data
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