Controlling, monitoring and regulation of roads and tunnels

Planning and building roads as well as tunnels is a very complex task. To be one of the market leaders you need a reliable and high available redundant Controller as much as you need good teamwork. Tratec benefited from these during the project.

The distance Kristiansand west to Mandal east is a central part of the new E39 road. And it is probably one of Norway's most challenging road construction projects. It is a busy road with high traffic volume throughout the year, which requiers smooth traffic flow and sets strict requirements on the automated traffic guidance system. The solution for control, monitoring and regulation of the roads has been developed by Tratec Norcon together with Siemens.

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Tratec Norcon

Tratec Norcon is a leading technology company for automation solutions on offshore, traffic, transportation, municipal engineering as well as diverse industries. They provide custom solutions based on PLC and SCADA. Since 2004 Tratec Norcon has been selected as a Siemens Solution Partner for WinCC OA and have received the Golden Partner Status at Triple S. 

In situations like fire, collision or stops in tunnels, these events will be registered and reported to an overarching traffic control system like WinCC OA, so that safety is always ensured.
Bent Staale Johansen, Tratec Norcon

SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture

Our solutions have evolved from a complex collection of different systems to a centralized solution based on WinCC OA. By doing so, we have reduced the complexity of controlling, monitoring, and reacting to emergencies on the various roads traffic conditions.


Using WinCC OA has improved the day-to-day operation as well as the training for the personnel working on the control centers. 

Totally Integrated Automation Portal

The programming tool - TIA Portal - makes the system easy and efficient to configure and program. The automation system is integrated and can easily be adjusted in terms of scale and complexity.

SIMATIC S7-1500 R/H Controller

Applications for tunnels usually need redundancy on PLC level. This means there is an extra control unit - a backup PLC. Should the main PLC fail or lose signals, the backup PLC will immediately take over control.

Thus, the Simatic Redundant System will ensure that the tunnel control and monitoring are always operational. Monitoring roads and tunnels sets strict demands on equipment and systems. Several functions are considered safety-critical. The solution includes redundant PLCs from the SIMATIC S7-1500 R/H series, SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels and the input and output modules from the SIMATIC ET 200SP series. So that the light can be controlled directly without having to use additional external components.

The road traffic control center is responsible for traffic safety along the roads and is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Previously, we received traffic information from several systems. We now get all the information from a common system – WinCC OA from Siemens – which makes it much easier to integrate the information, monitor and control the traffic.
Jan Ove Grave, Road Traffic Central
The Siemens components used in this project has significantly reduced time spent in development and implementation. In comparison with other projects we have, in specific areas, reduced programming time up to 30 percent.
Bent Staale Johansen, Tratec Norcon