Optimized machine performance with MindSphere

Industrial Apps are increasing plant availability, service quality and customer satisfaction at the DiloGroup.

Optimum machine operations – round the clock

Reliability and consistently high-quality are particularly important factors in the textile industry. The machines used to manufacture and finish a vast spectrum of textiles must therefore be of superior quality and performance. Traditionally, textile manufacturing plant operators demand high quality and availability of their manufacturing machines. The latest trend is the use of digital solutions to reduce downtimes and optimize service offerings.
The DiloGroup

Innovation from Eberbach, Germany

As a leading machine builder of nonwoven manufacturing lines, the DiloGroup supplies machines for manufacturing nonwoven materials around the globe. For over 20 years, technological excellence and fulfilling end customers’ needs have been paramount. The DiloGroup invested early in digital solutions to further enhance the availability and efficiency of their machines.
Using solutions from Siemens, we can make the condition of our machines transparent and counteract problems before they even occur. Our customers benefit from higher plant availability, faster service and greater efficiency.
Johann Philipp Dilo – Managing Director, DiloGroup


Condition Monitoring with Industrial Apps

For the optimization of cards and needle looms, the DiloGroup is for the first time using the standard Siemens MindSphere applications “Machine Monitor“ and “Performance Insight“.
Both applications run on MindSphere, the cloud-based, open-IoT operating system from Siemens. The Apps are combined with the Condition Monitoring System CMS1200 to render the DiloGroup machines digital and future-proof.

Higher plant availability and performance with Industrial Apps

The Industrial App “Performance Insight App” improves transparency of the plant and production status. Using predefined indicators, machine data is displayed in real time. This enables plant deficiencies to be recognized at an early stage and corrective action to be taken in good time.


"Machine Monitor App" makes information about pending maintenance work, its status and content as well the maintenance history of the monitored machine automatically available. The app supports the user in keeping plants and machines in an optimal and maintained condition, thus optimizing plant availability.

Flexible standard for the textile industry

The combination of an IoT platform and a Condition Monitoring System enables flexible and customer-specific adaptations. Additional machines can easily be added as required. To improve overall transparency whole plants can be connected to the cloud. Data which is relevant to the textile plant operator can be individually selected and the app configured accordingly.

Customer benefits

Optimizing machines with data – fully automatically

The applications enable automatic collection and evaluation of key production-parameters. This eliminates the time-consuming task of manually calculating Key Performance Indicators. Lucid data conditioning allows production to be monitored location-independent and at all times. Data is collected and processed in such a way that the quality of the machine is enhanced, processes become more efficient and resources are saved.

Smarter service for end customers

Integrated maintenance schedules make it easier for end customers to plan downtimes. They also benefit from transparent quality monitoring and real-time error analysis. Companies such as the DiloGroup can therefore provide even faster assistance via remote maintenance or on-site services. Globally and location independent.