Healthy room air where it counts

Nowadays, clean indoor air is more important than ever. To ensure the reliable and safe functioning of an innovative room air purifier, for example in medical practices or meeting rooms, EMS provider elektron-spelle is relying on LOGO! for operation-relevant control and monitoring tasks.

In 1994, today's managing director Thomas Klatt founded elektron-spelle GmbH & Co. KG – not in a garage or his basement at home, but in a converted pigsty. The company hasn't stopped growing over the past nearly 27 years: Now, there are 55 employees working on 2,500 m2 of production space at the company headquarters in Spelle, Emsland. As an EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) provider for the development and production of electronic assemblies and devices, elektron-spelle procures the required materials and provides customers with the electronic unit developed according to their wishes. 


Electronics have become an integral part of our everyday life and permeate almost every area of it. As a result, elektron-spelle's customers also come from a wide range of different industries: from mining and agricultural machinery to industrial and automotive electronics all the way to domestic applications for aquariums or garden ponds. Many different batch sizes are required: from individual boards to quantities in the 10,000-unit range.

New potential uses open up

As an EMS provider, elektron-spelle participated, among other things, in the development of a special mobile ventilation system that is used primarily in snack bars and restaurants. It helps collect grease in the filter and neutralize food odors using innovative plasma technology. Until last year, this was the primary area of application for this room air purifier. In the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic, however, completely new use cases emerged, as Managing Director Thomas Klatt explains: "Together with mpAERO GmbH, we have further developed the existing system into the 'primAERO' mobile room air purifier, which removes bacteria, germs and pollutants, among other things, but also viruses such as SARS-CoV-2." Eliminated is the key word here, because primAERO does not collect the pollutants or bacteria, as is the case with HEPA filters. Thanks to the patented plasmaNorm® technology, organic molecular compounds can be effectively destroyed. Consequently, the replacement of a filter contaminated with viruses is not necessary. 


Since it is shaped like a hexagonal tower, the primAERO room air purifier can be placed inconspicuously in a corner of the meeting room or medical practice. The unit first draws in the ambient air and cleans it of solids and minute particles. The air then passes through a plasma chamber, where all compounds are destroyed on a molecular level. Finally, the room air purifier emits clean air containing only oxygen, humidity, and CO₂.

We needed a control system that could be installed in the air purifier in a space-saving manner and that would ensure proper operational reliability – so LOGO! was our first choice.
Thomas Klatt, managing director elektron-spelle

Ready for use in the blink of an eye

Areas of application of the room air purifier are especially meeting rooms, medical practices and also schools, which is why primAERO meets three criteria: an unobtrusive design, the possibility of low-noise operation, and ease of use. To be able to implement the last two criteria, elektron-spelle chose LOGO!, as Thomas Klatt explains: "We needed a control system that could be installed in the air purifier in a space-saving manner and that would ensure proper operational reliability. We were already familiar with LOGO! and its functionality and knew that the module would allow us to get our new solution up and running quickly and easily." Installed in the primAERO, LOGO! handles the control of the various performance levels as well as other safety and operation-relevant control and monitoring tasks during ongoing operation. For example, LOGO! is responsible for stopping the room air purifier if one of the filters is clogged, not functioning, or not reinserted after cleaning. 

You simply place the device in a classroom or waiting room, turn it on at the push of a button, and then you don't have to worry about anything else.
Thomas Klatt, managing director elektron-spelle

Particularly easy to use

Since primAERO is primarily used in public spaces such as schools or medical practices, it was important to make commissioning and using the device as simple as possible. "You simply place the device in a classroom or waiting room, turn it on at the push of a button, and then you don't have to worry about anything else. Three indicator lights show with which program, that is at which performance level, the fan is currently running," explains Thomas Klatt. Among other things, "LOGO! handles the control of the fan speed: For example, the device can be programmed so that fans in classrooms run in whisper mode during lessons, but LOGO! ramps up the speed to full power during breaks when quiet operation is not important and, of course, it ramps down again after the break." This ensures that the respective personnel on site do not have to worry about anything other than switching on the device in the morning.


Fast and simple implementation as well as reliable control and monitoring of components relevant to operation – since LOGO! meets all of these criteria, the logic module was the number one choice for elektron-spelle when it came to further developing the room air purifier. primAERO has now been on the market since the end of 2020 and is enjoying great popularity – wherever clean indoor air is important.